Wednesday, November 9, 2011

fedisa, graduate collection show . hello

e i g h t   o u t f i t s   .   e i g h t   m o n t h s   .   3   m i n u t e s   o f   s p o t  l i g h t

so . the long awaited exposure of {southern comfort} a graduate collection by Jenna Maree-Kipling has arrived .

The Fedisa Graduate Collection Show was held at the Cape Town Stadium, on Saturday the 5th November. 26 graduate collections, with a wonderful first year collaboration and a second year group effort. This year, we were lucky enough to have the Pink Collection - the creations of the current second year students for Breast Cancer awareness. Fedisa turned pink.

i have been working on my collection pieces throughout the year, but it has been the week that has really brought everything together. I made handbags, jewellry and head pieces. So in the end, my colour pallet choice was key on trend ;)

faded denims . destressed denims . white . peacock feathers . leather
very indie rock and roll

So, all in all. I cannot explain the feeling that follows you when you walk out onto that runway. It is one of accomplishment, happiness, pride and self worth. I could not believe I put that collection together. It was amazing.

thank you to every single person who congratulated me. thank you to those who came to the show to watch me. my Maree-Kipling-Timpson-Fitzel-Kirk-Rohland-Martin-Munro-George-Daniels-Prentice-Van-Straaten family . my home family and my extended family, I love you all.

this post will carry on over the next few as I will be receiving more photographs from other sources, but this is just a taste of what is to come.

{peace and love}