Wednesday, November 9, 2011

fedisa, graduate collection show . hello

e i g h t   o u t f i t s   .   e i g h t   m o n t h s   .   3   m i n u t e s   o f   s p o t  l i g h t

so . the long awaited exposure of {southern comfort} a graduate collection by Jenna Maree-Kipling has arrived .

The Fedisa Graduate Collection Show was held at the Cape Town Stadium, on Saturday the 5th November. 26 graduate collections, with a wonderful first year collaboration and a second year group effort. This year, we were lucky enough to have the Pink Collection - the creations of the current second year students for Breast Cancer awareness. Fedisa turned pink.

i have been working on my collection pieces throughout the year, but it has been the week that has really brought everything together. I made handbags, jewellry and head pieces. So in the end, my colour pallet choice was key on trend ;)

faded denims . destressed denims . white . peacock feathers . leather
very indie rock and roll

So, all in all. I cannot explain the feeling that follows you when you walk out onto that runway. It is one of accomplishment, happiness, pride and self worth. I could not believe I put that collection together. It was amazing.

thank you to every single person who congratulated me. thank you to those who came to the show to watch me. my Maree-Kipling-Timpson-Fitzel-Kirk-Rohland-Martin-Munro-George-Daniels-Prentice-Van-Straaten family . my home family and my extended family, I love you all.

this post will carry on over the next few as I will be receiving more photographs from other sources, but this is just a taste of what is to come.

{peace and love}

Sunday, October 9, 2011

trend forecasting for winter 2012

w i n t e r   2 0 12   w i n t e r   2 0 1 2   w i n t e r   2 0 1 2


1. Faux Fur Gilet (Waistcoat)

2. Slim Fit Graphic Print Dress (Formal And Casual)

3. Leopard Print Trench Coat

4. Gemstone Agate Pendant Necklace

5. Graphic Print Cotton Scarf

6. Animal Face Graphic Tee-Shirt

7. Hot Electric Pink Skinny Jeans

8. Oversize Leather Handbag

9. Wedge Heel Ankle Boot

10. Double Finger Cross Ring


The Gender Bending theme has been one that has influenced the last decade of fashion in our country. Androgynous dressing will be a main part of 2012’s fashion, with women wearing fitted pants and loose fitting shirts. Agyness Deyn is the inspiration for this collection for Mr Price.

The Bohemian theme from 2007 is still a prominent one across the world. The style of the person is coming through more in each outfit, with styling and accessories.

I predict that the colour Hot Electric Pink will be in every wardrobe. The colour blocking trend has been un underlying trend for the last three seasons and has emerged in full swing. French and American Vogue are still pushing this colour blocking trend. Skinny Jeans will be in all the colours of the pallet for the season, including Hot Electric Pink and Forest Green. This colours will translate to brogues, trench coats, nail colour and other trousers.

Ankle boots and wedges have been an emerging trend in our country for two seasons already, though this winter season it is the footwear of choice. The colours will vary in the pallet from black to grey to olive green.

Animal print, such a leopard print and zebra strip, will be used for larger items in fashion. Trench coats, harem pants and handbags will use these prints. We will be seeing leopard print as an accent colour in the pallet.

Faux fur is still in winter fashion. It will be used for waistcoats, gillets, scarves and jackets. The faux fur accentuates the trendiness and style of the wearer. Around the world, fur is a big trend. It exudes wealth, status and social standing. Most of the people in the lower and middle class will want to wear this trend to imitate celebrities and the wealthy. I predict that sheepskin, fur and rare animal pelts that will be worn by most in 2012. Leather and faux leather will carry on being worn, as jackets, footwear and accessories such as belts and bags.

Graphic prints has been an underlying trend for the last three years worn by celebrities and civilians alike. These can be anything from rocker band tees to animals faces. This is a great trend because it can be worn by children and adults. This can be paired with the colour blocking jeans and many of the other emerging trends. Printed fabrics will be used for scarves and headbands. These will be teamed with the other trends too.

Accessories are a big part of this season. A controversial aspect will be an underlying trend that will stay around for seasons to come. Many crosses and animal pendants will be seen. Though the jewellery will be kept simple, the pieces will be large. The bohemian theme will be seen in this trend. Hand bags will be bigger that the last winter season, for a more practical approach than small clutch bags. These bags have shorter straps rather, and will be worn in the crease of the arm.

goooood luck and have funnnnn

{peace and love}

Friday, September 30, 2011

the bohemian couture .

after having googled googles face off for general inspiration over the past year, I have finally found the perfect inspiration to share with you.

This is a somewhat aged photoshoot . I use the term 'aged' loosly, beacause this was shot in 1998, but is definate modern take to the styling.

Shot for Vogue Italia, in September 1998, by photographer  Peter Lindbergh, The bohemian couture opens the eyes to a trend that wouldn't surface for 10 years but yet, it is fashion forward and innovative without being weird or tacky.

Models: May Andersen, Zoe Gaze, Audrey Marnay, Lonneke Engel


will be doing an outfit post as soon as possible, but as you know, this month is insane! couture dress in full swing . . . can post after the dress has been seen on the runway ;)

Congratualtions to Nicole Furter and Gareth Haze on the engagement . . . that is going to be a beautiful wedding . . . all the love to you two x

{ peace and love }

Friday, September 23, 2011

save these horny creatures . they need their babies with noses .

I N T E R N A T I O N A L   R H I N O   D A Y

the 22 September 2011 saw Cape Town's second annual Anti-Poaching Rhino Day . . .
And I was able to go . . . protest . protest . protest .
A march from the Fruit and Veg in Roeland Street to the bottom of the road, Parliament .

Everyone made such an effort, at least 500 people dressed in red showed, and made a noise for these animals that can't for themselves.

10000 South African people have signed the petition to stop poaching . Do what you can for the silent creatures , dress your car with a black ribbon on the right mirror, buy a sticker, wear a shirt . . . sign petitions and do what you can.

You may be wondering why I am blogging about things like this.

Look at the effects and impact the united colour has. This red symbolised the slaughter of the 300 White and Black Rhino this year . . . and the black clothing was to mourn the loss our country is and will suffer. The clothing untied us protesters and defiantly made an impact of the City of Cape Town yesterday.

These animal right campaigns have such an important role on our life, in the fashion world and out, we have to be aware of the world around us. If you are confused or don't agree with these marches, read up about them and educate yourselves. I read a sign yesterday that really hit home.

"         We don't want to be the generation that has to explain what rhino's were, and why we didn't do anything to stop the slaughtering of these animals       "

{peace and love}

Sunday, September 18, 2011

fedisa, hello. a graduates update .

picture one . the new fedisa campaign with nicci st. bruce of VAMP

picture two . drapery assignment inspired by a vintage modern alice in wonderland tea party

picture three . all the copic markers in the world, offered to us for our last assignment ever .
picture four . our last assignment . music inspiration for story boards . indus - lotas mirage
picture five . berini going to hosiptal
picture six . dexter, my lunch buddy at fedisa
picture seven . celebrity wedding . kate moss and john depp

picture eight . casper in my bath . so rude
picture nine . miss k, the p.a at fedisa, jumping rope with lydia's 25 m long plait for her final garment in her collection . we spent almost an hour braiding fifteen pieces of 25 m string
picture ten . fedisa wall of fame . third year students cook book works

graduate collection done . only have my couture wedding dress left to create . three weeks of hard, slave type work and then comes the crit seesions and alterations, prepping for the runway show . all very exciting!

lets be honest here, quick. don't ask to see the collection pictures yet please. come to the show and be blown away . until then now more images will be seen on this blog .

{ peace makers and lovers }