Sunday, October 31, 2010

Country Fair

Just a Sunday stroll with my love, we went to the Noordhoek Fair. Courtney and I have been before, but this year seemed a lot smaller to me. We were a little apprehensive, but I really wanted to have a look. Sooo . . . we paid our R20 EACH! I thought that was a little pricey to walk around a smelly field, and look to spend more. Though the money was going to Conservation of the endangered Leopard Toads. It was run by volunteers and Noordhoek Environmental Action Group & the Noordhoek Conservancy.

gnome selling bonsai

floral hat, that's the sex right there :)

Courtney's shoe in the air . . .

my favourite little creature of the day.

love my boy :)

didn't end up buying anything except a Sprite, though there was a few pretty peices of jewellry. Maybe next fair, hippy market place.

what I'm wearing

floral dress - mr price
suede ankle boots - hang ten
faux leather hand-bag - mr price
leggings - dunno :)
semi-precious stone bracelet - mineral wold, vintage

Courtney is wearing

Rocking the Daisies T-shirt - Hemporium
White Soccer printed hoodie - Port Louis, Mauritius
Plaid shorts - Stone Harbour at Edgars
Blue Felt beanie

Thanks for the pictures, Court :)

peace and love

Pick n Pay protests

Sooo . . . something a little different . . .
The Pick n Pay workers were striking.

" Pick n Pay and the union said they would meet at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration today over picketing rules. Mr Mbongwe said customers could expect picketing near every store.
Among other things, Saccawu is demanding a R550-a-month, or 12%, wage increase - “whichever was greater per worker” — and a 10% staff discount on basic foodstuffs "

well, that didn't surprise me much . . . what I found odd was that they were protesting at train stations around Cape Town. And, funny enough, all the way from Cape Town to Fish Hoek, and then split up and went home :)

The billboard behind them says something very interesting. Freedom of expression.
was nice to see people staring at the protesters all over Cape Town . . . some were standing around, taking pictures (like I was) and asking questions.

peace and love

Bakery Candy Shop

Temptation is the devil I tell you.

P R O J E C T      I N S T I L L A T I O N
For one of our last Visual Art Studies projects, we had to prepare a still life and draw a section of it in a composition that worked. Well, that was the easy part :)
We didn't prepare for the temptation . . . bright pink cupcakes sitting ALL OVER the display!
 And we had the assignment for 2 days . . .

Though, strong willing and self-controlled as we are, we got to 3pm on the first day, looked at each other and made the decision to eat them, because ' they were going to go stale' hehe :)
everybody had drawn what they had needed too :)

Robyn le Sueur trying to attach the spatula to the roof?

look how good those cupcakes look . . . they were incredible :)

Thanks to Kirsty van Wyk and Robin-Lee Johnson for the cupcakes :)
I enjoyed this project :)

final drawing

Thursday, October 28, 2010

updates and such

okay, so this term has been so busy, I honestly have only had a few minutes each day to myself, as in - no time for writing stories to you :(
But I have two weeks left and then I will post all my college work this year :) So you can see how I work ;)
Just want to thank all of you for reading these mindless rambles, especially Chelsea Harvey, my number one reader (as she says)

Love you x

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Corsetry, again. Really?

Yes, yes I know. Another post on corsetry. but this one is different.
We have to do a one board Storyboarding Project on a historic Corset :) Yay, finally.

I decided that the women of the Fourties inspired me. They survived through the hardship and restrictions of the Second World War, and emerged beautiful, well brought up ladies. I decided to focus on the beautiful images of
G i l E v l g r e n

So this is my inspiration for the theme

P I N   U P   L O V E



This is my main inspiration for this board. I love the colouring and the compostion.

Another thing . . . please if you read this, comment and tell me where you are from. It's really interesting to know how many people read this, and where you are all from :) I need to build more of a following, so please 'follow' me :) here, twitter, facebook, anyway you can . . .

Monday, October 18, 2010

Self portrait inspiration

Just at college doing some research on S E L F   P O R T R A I T U R E
and found these amazing examples . . . so just sharing.

This is Janis Joplin's interpretation of a self portrait :)

I was just playing around, trying to piece together my pictures for my drawing . . . not as easy as I thought it would be, and my camera is SUCH bad quality, I think BBerry should step up their game a little :?

 this is the one I'm going to use as my self portrait, like a pixie :)

what I'm wearing

leopard print stretch cami - mr price
ankle length layered gypsy skirt - atmosphere
semi-precious stone bracelets - Mineral World, vintage
bare foot :)

final drawing