Monday, April 25, 2011

life as I know it

it's been a long ten weeks since I started my graduate collection . . .
I am currently working on my first garment, the high wasited jeans of Breaking Baracades.
Paneled from hip to hem, each panel is topstitched in a different direction . . . so after as week of pattern drafting and sewing, I am about to strat putting together the jeans. Just with all the Easter related public holidays . . . haven't been able to get to a fabric store . . . so forced to have a break

and this is a picture gallery of a fashion student. sorry about the quality of the pictures, they are taken on my blackberry

my work desk/our 10 seater dining room table has been full for a week already. though had to clean up for easter Saturday/Sunday dinner. The picures of the storyboards and the little paper dolls are my graduate collection boards, which I got a mere 61 % for . . . really?? what do you think? fair? Class average was 45 % . . . something is wrong. I have bleached and tie-dyed my denim for two pieces so far, and the light blue is for Breaking Baracades. I'm working hard, but often doesn't seem to pay off . . .

{peace and love}

Sunday, April 24, 2011

royal weddings, uncovered.

for a fedisa college assignment, we have to write an article about the royal wedding, without it being fluff . . .
So I am actually researching facts and learning something . . .
bitta general knowledge :)

Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor of Wales, K,G. (Knight of the Garter) will marry Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.

I learnt some of the names and titles of the royal family :)

The wedding is on the 29th April 2009, at Westminster Abbey.

The couple were engaged in Kenya, in October 2010, and it was officially announced on the 16 November.

I found this after many, many hours of research . . .

Once married, Prince William may choose his dukedom - Windsor, Clarence, Cambridge, Sussex, Kendal, Avondale, Strathear - in which case Kate will become Her Royal Highness The Duchess of .x.x.x.

If William refuses dukedom, she will be Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales.

If the Queen decides too, the same way she did for her husband, she may bestow the honour of 'Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine of the United Kingdom, as a stand alone title, regardless of what Prince William chooses.

very excited to carry on watching how this all evolves. I'm not writing all of my research becuase copying has become quite an issue for me . . . I'm getting really annoyed.

anyway, H A P P Y   E A S T E R  ya'll :)

{peace and loooove}

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

let's make you look fake

today, for our CAD (computer aided design) class we had to use Photoshop CS3 and perfect a picture, that in my opinion didn't have much wrong with it

original version . . .

changed tooo my photoshopped version . . .

looks ridiculously fake . . .
Though I know this is done in magazines and photoshoot, but you aren't capturing the real person? Isn't that why we take pictures? To capture a moment?
Just a thought

{peace and love}

Saturday, April 9, 2011

groovies, alive .

B R E A T H   O F   F R E S H   A I R

I made it through the most gruelling two weeks of my student life. Never have I had so much work due for such a sort period of time, and due the first day of term . . . but post to follow on storyboards for {southern comfort} a graduate collection

I bought this shirt/mini dress a few weeks ago and I'm loving the pattern . . . I actually have another dress with a similar one. Definitely going to be throwing the patterns and colours in for winter. I Hate that dull haze everyone submits to in the cold months.

what I'm wearing

chiffon mini dress - new look
jeans - RE:Jeans, Woolworths
red leatherette bag - gift from parents
clear sunglasses - vintage, controlite
brown ruffle maryjanes - unreal
turquoise rings - wearhouse, wynberg
green stone ring - longbeach craft market

I just want to say something, because I can really.
childish moment to follow . . .

I don't like when people copy, at the best of times . . . but when it is something as important as a major aspect of my personal touches to my blog or collection heading/logo etc I get annoyed.
I might just 'TM' it . . . but for the good part of this year, especially fedisa graduate students - the parenthesis brackets, { curlicue } <-- these ones, are my 'touch' for this year. I know I don't 'own' them, but kindly, out of respect, stick to other forms of brackets, parenthesis forms and such.
some say 'flattery is a compliment, you should feel honoured.'
I say, think of your own bladdy ideas.
kthanxbye . . . actually that's so over used nowww, just a simple "Thanks a lot" will do :)

{peace and love}

Sunday, April 3, 2011

richard bloom . revisited .

you know, last year, during the September holidays we had to create a three-set storyboard to submit into a competition to win the Richard Bloom Bursary, from Craig Port.

for some reason, I never did a post on it . . .

E X O T I C   A W A R E N E S S 

I wish there was something I could do about the amount of animals that are being slaughtered every year for humans greed. for food, clothing and money. It's just disgusting.

the last two weeks, Carte Blache (a South African investigative news programme series) has been running stories on the poaching that is rife in our country at the moment.
Overly emotional about the topic, I email the Department of Environmental Affairs, SA.

* Email with regard to the artile "Leopard Skins" produced by Nguni Productions , and aired tonight, 3rd April 2011.

L E O P A R D   S K I N S   -   I S   I T   N E E D E D ?
  " ..... am a student and a patriotic environmentalist.
There must be something that the South African Government can do.  Upon watching Carte Blanch, 3rd April 2011, something I had never thought of caught my eye. The Zulu's and Leopard Poaching for traditional clothing.

As a fashion design student, I know the simplicity, tradition and 'beauty' of using real furs and pelts. But in this day and age, there are so many different materials you can use that look the same. I know that the Zulu Royal Family has given Mr President Zuma and other Zulu politicians permission to wear the traditional leopard pelt, but is that necessary. When Leopards are so endangered, why can't the government do what they can to help?
Not being Zulu myself, I'm unsure of the traditional relevance the pelt has, I'm confused. ....  "

how does poaching make you feel? have you ever thought what you can do about it?
after watching those two episodes of Carte Blanche - 27th March and 3rd April, (might have to scroll through the parts, Rhino Files, Rhino Files Part 2, Predators Part 1, Predators Part 2,

I'm a proud vegetarian of 7 years. help the cause. drop the meat.

{ peace and love }

holidays. what holidays

S  U   M   M   E   R    I S   E   N   D   I   N  G

It's been a busy few days . . . and yes, as this is my only "holiday break" this year I should be resting but we cracked a deal with the lecturers and they shifted our storyboard assignments from the end on last term till the first day of next . . . thanks go out to Liz Stone and Ashleigh Dugdale, as well Robyn Le Sueur and all other compatriot  who were involved. Well done.

rugby . storyboards . friends . polanas . bakedacake . beautiful skies

loving not traveling to town, a 46 kilometer trip there . . . though battling to finish my work so that I can relax a little bit . . . hopefully do an outfit post soon, just have to get my ducks in a row.

I finally had time to photograph and update some of my past posts . . . go see the final work.

self portrait
bakery candy shop

Southern Comfort update . storyboards are fifty percent done, fabric for five garment are bought and waiting . need to tie dye me denim and sort out my order of business . gosh . let's go .

before I forget . . . I'd like to send out a loving belated birthday to my 16 year old sister Jess and a fantastic 21st to Melissa King my darling fellow fedoll, today :)

{ peace && love }