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G U E S S   W H A T   G I R L S

The divine Kerry from G u e s s W h a t G i r l s

featured me in her Guest List section of her blog. Thanks babe x
Guess What Girls I Guest List - Jenna
Guess What Girls

D I A M O N D S   &    D U S T

This is on Diamonds & Dust, the blog of Vintage Lifestyle Magazine Editor, Nicole Danielle Warr. Thanks for the warm welcoming Miss Nicole :)

S T Y L E   B I T E S

Beach Day!

Just a little picture at fedisa's annual Beach Day. Thanks, Robin-Lee

S T O R Y   O F   M Y   L I F E

Let's photograph our future

my darling friend Lisa Harrison mentioned me in a post on her photographers from her year's "photo-shootings"
Love you my lil Lisa. Thanks for mentioning me ♥

E M B R A C I N G   S T Y L E

Thank you sooo much, I never win any thing. I love winning prizes
you can see my posts on it here

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