Friday, September 17, 2010

Heels and Socks - what do you think?

In the beginning I was highly, highly against this - as for years we have laughed at people like Alicia Silverstones' character in Clueless, with her silly high socks.

They have been related to Playboy type women such as Kendra Wilkinson, of the Playboy Mansion, as these socks are usually paired with a pair of hot pants.

So lets take Socks and heels . . .
Burberry is doing it

Dior is doing it

Dolce and Gabanna are doing it, built in style

and now Vuitton got it going too.

I love the idea, but I don't know how well I could pull it off . . .

not a good quality picture, but look, even Manga has it going on!

Primark love :)

Cherry Blossoms

I can't wait to get my hands one a pair or three . . . So excited, I can barely sleep at night :)

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My room

I decided that today I will show you my room . . . the room of a fashion design student :)
Most things in my room have some sort of sentimental value or meaning to them.

This is the view as you walk in to my room. My designed the 'bed box' and my clever dad made it, so my bed is high up, with a step and has a book box behind it serving as a head board. My dressing table is attached to the other side against the window. I read a lot.

I have a big collection of magazines, mainly Elle and Cosmopolitan, though the latter, I am less proud of. That 9 Heads is the best R600 I have ever spent. It's a reference book that has everything a design student could ever need, TD's, drawing tips and techniques etc.

I collect books. And thus, I have a lot of books. Fiction. Non Fiction. I really like biographies and stories about the revolutions.

Scotch taped to my cupboard are pages with a design for a dress, made out of hospital bed sheets and such, showcase a stand against under 21's fighting wars, losing their lives for their countries bad mistakes. It was a project we were briefly given in about grade 11, but I really was happy with my work.

This is Christy. Well, in fact, all mannequins I have are Christy. It comes from way back when . . . long story, but I borrowed a mannequin for Dylan's granny right, and she smsed me to ask if I had seen Christy :) There. She is currently wearing my Matric Dance Prom dress and a 2 year olds floral shirt which I have cut the sleeves and created a bolero :)

This is Christy too :) Except this one is wearing a vintage crochet waist coat my mom gave to me a few days ago, my favourite necklace at the moment and my amazing beaning from Lipsy. On the chest of drawers stones that I have collected from all over, wherever I travel, I pick up the perfect pebbles. The picture of the young man there is an old school friend that passed away last year. It's just there to keep me thinking about him and all the others in the same postition.

My door and glass bookcase . . . more books

Favourite shelf, Jane Austen and Fashion Babylon, with some others I haven't read yet . . . The picture is of Courtney (my boyfriend) and I at our Plett Rage. Plett Rage is the Western Capes End of School Vacation Party.


Always have tea :) And Courtney's drawing doll, Angus.

The view out of my balcony doors . . . Chapmans Peak and Noordehoek Beach

The Sunvalley area and Ou Kaaps se Weg

I have an old cat, he's 14, without much ears. This is Casper, and he survived Melanoma :) Also known as Fluff, Floss, Pom Pom, Small One and Devil Spawn.

Chuck Chuck, Tiny fluff :) Well his full name is Charlie Parker Cooper, but Chuck is easier.

And this . . . This is Calo. My beautiful pride and joy :) Caleb Jude is not very good at sitting and letting me take pictures of him, but this will do. Cousin Jem giving him is Christmas present :)

This is Court and I, 2 and a half years :)

Well, This is my life really

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Duchess

T h e  D u c h e s s  G o e r g i n a  S p e n s e r  C a v e n d i s h  
o f  D e v o n s h i r e

I watched this movie yesterday, just because I had nothing to do and I am so glad I did. The costumes were amazing! The costume designer, Michael O'Conner was nominated for an Oscar, in 2009, well worth it :) And Won it, stole the show  . . .

"  Oh lucky, lucky Keira Knightley! She plays Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire, and while the dramatic life of this charismatic woman was probably what drew her to the role, I'm sure the movie's lavish period costumes were a nice little bonus. Who wouldn't want to adorn herself in such gorgeousness? There's 18th-century costumes and then there's this movie: The wigs, the jewelry, the dapper menswear, the exquisite detail . . . The Duchess is a frenzy of beautiful period costuming — and I can't get enough of it.  "

This is my favourite dress, floral at that, of the whole movie, though it was the saddest part.

This scene everybody was dressed in pastels and soft, pale colours, excentuated with pearls and soft coloured flowers

18th Century riding coat, this was at the Fox Pep Rally.

Raw Silk, Rococco style dress

Zoom up of the hat, Ostrich feathers. Curls were reallt popular in this film

Beautiful dress in the garden

"what she wears today hope to see you wearing tomorrow"

Lady Georgiana Spencer (The Duchess of Devonshire) is an important figure in political history. She was born in 1757 and died in 1806. She had an influential role in many key, political events, and in the shaping of the early Whig Party. Georgiana saw the French Revolution through the eyes of an English aristocrat, and as a friend of Marie Antoinette

Watch it, well worth the near two hours . . . Well worth the Oscar it won. Really lovely movie.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ooooohkay? Hollywood twins, no?

J a v i e r   B a r d e m   a n d   J e f f e r y   D e a n   M o r g a n

I can honestly say that I thought Denny from Greys Anatomy and the man from P.S. I love you was the same as the lover guy from Love in the Time of Cholera and the scary dude from that movie - ahhh, Chainsaw Massacre? No, It was that awful movie, No Country for Old Men. Yuck, and he had that horrible bob hair thing going on, running around trying to kill everyone? Don't remember - was terrified, either way.

But guess they are two people? Fancy that :)
The one on the left, is Javier Bardem, the star of the Cholera movie and ugly scary bad guy in No Country for Old Men and the right hand side one is Jeffery Dean Morgan, lovely man playing the Irish Love Interest from P.S I love you :) AND! So excited, Eat Prey Love is starring him as the love interest :)

Not my favourite movie ever, quiet sad if I remember correctly, but lovely costumes and poster.

 Z o o e y   D e s c  h a n e l   a n d   K a t y   P e r r y

Wow, these two are also identical! it should be illigel!
 Zooey Deschanel is the actress from 500 Days of Summer, Elf and Yes Man! She was also in that movie where the Mockingbird drives her crazy, Failure to Launch with Sarah Jessica Parker.
While Katy Perry is the amazing vocal artist, obviously, whose sings songs such as California Girls, I kissed a Girl and Hot n' Cold . . . and NO! They are two different people!

Just Saying :)


Monday, September 13, 2010

Extreme Corsetry

Sooo . . . back at college for two weeks, then holidays again :)

Project ball gown has been over thrown for

P R O J E C T   C O R S E T R Y
which consists of making up 2 mocks, a corset (over the next weekish) and an under-corset used to base our
D R A P E D  G O W N
on . . . very excited, have amazing ideas already :) and found my fabric :)

Dita von Teese, doing Japan in an under corseted gown

beautiful Goth corset . . .

another amazing dress

This is the sex right here

Yeah, this is real . . .
V e r y  I m p o r t a n t . . .

C O R S E T - is NOT pronounced core-SET, it is pronounced
CORE-sit - [kawr-sit]
Please don't air your ignorance. Plus it annoys me.
1. Sometimes, corsets. a close-fitting undergarment, stiffened with whalebone or similar material and often capable of being tightened by lacing, enclosing the trunk: worn, esp. by women, to shape and support the body; stays.
–verb (used with object)
2. to dress or furnish with or as if with a corset.
3. to regulate strictly; constrict.
1225–75; ME < AF, OF, equiv. to cors  bodice, body +
-et -et

cor·set·less, adjective
un·cor·set·ed, adjective
well-cor·set·ed, adjective

I have heard of corsetry, but some of the things I have found on my search . . . wow, they are ridiculous. Real fetishes! But this one isn't just about looking sexy and feminine, it's dangerous and in some extreme extreme cases, life threatening.
this is a diagram of what the corset does to the body, it is known as the S-Bend shape. This was very popular during the Regency period, as well as a few other era's in history such as the Roccoco, Edwardian and Elizabethian eras.

Then some are just ridiculous. Unbelievable really . . .

Cathie Jung

This woman, Cathie Jung, has the smallest recorded waist in history. She says corsetry is her life, and that she wears a corset 24 hours a day.

And yes, Oh my . . . men do it too. . . which looks completely ridiculous.

My very worst . . . this must be one of the most revolting things I've ever seen, close to that of those Sky hook things and the surface implant things . . .  They are called corset piercings. Yuck.


This is a beautiful picture, Japanese women seem to be catching on to this horrific trend

Though I haven't done full research on this yet, I will post my essay and research when I have, I have found this interesting. How people alter their bodies, permanently, for vanity mainly - though they say it's for their feminine being.

these pictures are googled, but unrefrenced.

P.S. read, follow, comment, enjoy :)