Saturday, July 23, 2011

just another twenty first .

Last weekend, jam packed with events and happenings.
It happened to be Elizna Rochers' twenty first.
and we were graced with an appearance by Meagan Dill, a dear heart that moved her studies up the country.

The camera was old school, there was some Afrikaans music involved and a band member or two. Lots of old forgotten friends, fizz pop punch and stolen seating arrangements.

all pictures credited to Elizna Rocher and Tania Theron

{1. Paul Fairbrother} {2. Courtney and I} {3. Robyn Saaiman, of Bobbylicious and Nico Mouissie } {4. Johan Wahl, David van Zyl & Ivor Nel} {5. Elizna Rocher, birthday girl, and Shana Sivewright} {6. Meagan Dill, Kirsten Lombard, Asrid Lendrum and Elizna Rocher} {7. Court and I} {8. Elizna and Tania Theron} {9. Elizna, Mico de Chazal, Astrid Lendrum & David van Zyl}

{peace and love}

Monday, July 18, 2011

vintage, you're taking over my love

. 1 0 0 t h   p o s t  .

can you believe it . . .
show some loving ♥

just a quick snippet at college.

that internship has literally taken over my life . . . my way of thinking, my outlook on life, my outlook on college . . . changed forever . changed for the good.

first assignment when we get back - two storyboards for a client - one of them - vintage.
so have googled my day away, again and have found some super hot images I wish to share with you.

another few new obsessions :
porcelain rabbits
watercolour bird pictures

I am busy finishing up my reseaching time . . . now on to designing my two outfits for the client 

{peace and love}

Friday, July 15, 2011

starlings cafe, in narnia .

if you are terrible with directions, get lost often and have a unreliable car - maybe skip this post and read some fluff piece about cupcakes.
my day started out averagely, and headed down hill - though got to a fairly beautiful point in the middle, plateauing till the sunset.

I got lost on the wrong side of the tracks, not having a clue where I was going, turned down the wrong oneway, up a slip road, my lil car was scared an didn't want to drive, an absolute nightmare.
but in the end, much to my heat stroke and irritation - I survived and arrived to my last internship get together on time :)

once we entered the house, I felt like I had been swept up into a story book and had landed in another time - classic antique pieces of furniture blended into a modern, up beat, homey feeling room . . . I can't really explain how this felt - it was like somebody turned a light on to resturants and there in the dark was sitting this box of fresh air . . 

a little far fetched, but give me some credit here - it was a long drive.

vintage brunch was hot ashrim tea, and a butternut, feta and caramalised onion tart with a salad of mint, rocket and radish with a sweet dressing. da - vine .

this gorgeous cafe, Starlings, is in lower Claremont area - 94 Belvidier Road . . . go and see for yourself . break fast . lunch . brunch . whatever

I cannot believe this month of my internship is almost over. a few more pieces to clean up and do the photoshoot on Sunday . . . and ta - dah. one more step to becoming a graduate fashion student. . . . can't wait to do my post on my time at Vintage Lifestyle Magazine

{peace && lunch}

Thursday, July 14, 2011

fast track, ya did good.

Cape Town Fashion Week AFI Foschini FastTrack. 

started with a bang. a loud, backyard noise - but won't harp on those poor boys again, I think the tweeters did that enough. Backyard Crew, respect for handling so well.

what a trip to get to the CTICC though. Had to wait for a friend to finish work - giving us forty five minutes to do a thirty nine minute drive, find parking and get seats sorted. though we got stuck at every red robot, stop street and behind every single granny, grampa and learner driver on the road - we made it.
Get to town, and cannot find parking, but a nice gentleman showed us to one round a corner, charged us twelve rand. handed him a fifty - and he ran. good times.

but, just as well - we made it with minutes to spare. Saw a few fashiony friends, one being a fabulous booker for Boss Models, Andrew Munro. Always lovely to see him.

Annnd we walk inside, had a chat chat to Miss Nicole, to find the people we were meant to meet have kept us seat - second row from the front.  what a relief.

the show was exceptional. AFI Foschini FastTract. the clothes were beautiful, creative, avant garde, flamboyant and well made. From second and third years - have you ever. Some of those garments were more intricate than ones I've seen top designers sell, international and local. I was actually quiet horrified when I heard that these were there graduate collections . . . the were world class, top shelve, bad ass quality - down to the embroidery and leather cut out details. The best part of the whole shindig was to see friends up there, showing their garments, at twenty one years old - on an internationally recognised fashion week stage.

The crowd was going ape, and the tweets were getting intense, the music was vibing and even the boys came out to see what all this fuss was about. Although there were a few breaks in the line up where people weren't sure of what to do, and a shaky performance by some boys rocking the mikes a little hard, an over all brilliant event.

got to have a chat with Tamara Cherie Dyson, looking beautiful as ever, and see her Durban July dress up close. 
Oh. my.  word.
I have seen hundreds upon thousands for items of clothing .
I have never seen such intricate work done with a piece of cloth . ever.
Another congratulations to you, my darling friend.

now. The whole reason we went .
The winners of AFI Foschini FastTract
Thoki Tafeni, Mia Kreik and . . . 
Chelsey Wilson.  the friend of a friends, who we had gone to watch. amazing. congratulations to all those designers, I cannot believe you produced the work you did.
Hubre Wahl, Amy-Louise Snelling and Pierre de Villers, biggg love. especially doing the valley proud.

1. tamara cherie dyson with a crowd of fans 2. me with the proof sign 3. an overwhelmed Chelsey Wilson being hounded by my paparatzi shots 4. the Chels' chatting after the big win

pictures of the clothing, runways shot, are coming in a post to follow . . . and if you want to see a full break down of what I wore, I posted one yesterday.

fashion week is upon us

with the internship coming to an end, I am going to put all my new found inspiration into making my {Southern Comfort} a Graduate Collection world class, too. Have to definitely pull my ankle socks up, and make myself a hot, hot collection.

{peace && love}

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

fashion week is upon us

f i n a l l y .
I am so excited for tonight as it is the start of My Cape Town Fashion Week experience so I put together SO MANY OUTFITS but in the end chose this one, because it suddenly got chilly and the whole pencil skirt and wedges wasn't going to work out if I had to walk for six hours.

a certain fashion house, and more than likely, the AFI seems to have an issue with letting everyone know exact times of what's going to happen . . . so I was all dressed up, ready to go to be at the venue at 1pm, and I get a message from my editor saying that it has all gone haywire and been shifted to 7 . hello

I was sick of sitting at home, waiting for better things to come along, and avoiding my college work as usual - I took my sister, Jess, to the Noordehoek Common to go make friends with the horses - but they were far away, and belong to other people .

More on the fashion Week later, and more than likely more pictures of the same outfit, so don't get sick of it okaaaay :)

what I'm wearing
pirate bishopsleeve shirt - savage, vintage
denim shorts cut off - woolworths
woolen stockings - woolworths
ribbon lace up black brogues - Shoe HQ

what Jess's wearing
green floral shirt, multicoloured boobtube - Meltz
lace under shirt - Jay Jays
leggings, lattice fedora - China Town
sling back stiletto - Mr Price

{peace && love}