Sunday, August 29, 2010

just another Sunday

when I bought these lattice pumps 18 months ago, everybody, mainly my sister Jess, laughed and mocked me . . . now who's laughing :P

what I'm wearing
floral dress - Mr Price
denims - RE:Jeans at Woolworths
loose weave scarf - Big Blue

McQProject - Week One

P R O J E C T M c Q U E E N O B S E S S I O N

Hectic week.  Am sooo behind from where I wanted to be, although, only 4 hours behind my 'new deadline'. Hopefully will get done by Wednesday, giving me Thursday to fix things and make sure everything is right.

just patterns and stuff on my dress on my desk

doing my flower brooch, with tea :)

inside of my cropped jacket, lined with the Union Jack flag

Back Yoke Sausage, all rolled up. Took forever.

Long day, rushed list of last minute things

Top Stitching on my 28 panelled dress

28 panelled dress, flared out, before top stitching

the cut out in the jeans

Making the roped shoulder detail accessories

This past week, I finished my dress and 3/4's of my cropped jacket. All that is left is a pair of jeans and a corset, but if I run out of time, I'm just ganna have to make a cropped tank shirt, which should be fine too.

McQueen week two to come

Fairy Castle Fedisa on Buitengracht

Some children get taught by people in suits. At fedisa, no.
Miss A, van der Merwe, our teacher that has stuck with us since last year, and hopefully will be our third year teacher too :)
So, Mevrou (one of the senior teachers) has made three ball gowns for some or other company's something . . . hehe, very discriptive, but don't know details. All I know is she had to use the table cloths and seat covers, to match the decor.

I wanted to take more, but people in the class were looking at me strangely. I got all embarrassed :( Have to get over that. But glad I took some at least. Although, I thought I took more.
My favourite one, the cream one, was covered with twisted flowers. The other one was a stunning crimson red gown fringed with black feather boa.

This one wasn't my favourite, but Miss A came back down, especially to show me the feather detail.

In the end, Miss A
 just answered a few questions. She was just inspiring us for next terms project . . .


Yay, Corsetry. I am so excited. I have been waiting for this for just about f o r e v e r :) Although, I have a corset in my T R I B U T E T O M c Q U E E N P R O J E C T, I will have to try it out first and see how it goes. I am so happy to be doing a gown because I want to try my hand at the whole Wedding Dress thing. I am a little worried, but we probably will have lots of time to finish.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moodboards of the up coming trends, Summer 2011

Style lab is going well, although battling with time - really! Only having 7 hours a day is insane. How can we do everything, with 'first class finishings' in such a rush. I really laughed at the simple designs of some people, but clearly, I should hav esimplified my garments. Four funnly fitted, highly detail pieces in 8 days, including patterns, is ridiculous and I don't known what I was thinking. So far, I have basically finished my 28 panelled dress :)

I am so excited about the up and coming trend forcasts . . .
These are the moodboards for the upcoming fashions of Summer/Spring 2011, although for South Africa, more than likely Winter 2011 . . .

I will create my boards, sketches, scrapping, collages and ideas of the upcoming trends soon :) Just doing my research so long.
have a look at some of my friends blogs:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Café Art

Hi :)
Oh my goodnessmee.
What a weekend. Whole weekend running off 10 hours sleep. And then still have to deal with rude, arrogant people . . .

Annnnyway. Moving on.

Apart from studying one of the most hectic degrees ever, I work, weekends and holidays, at a little restaurant, called The Foodbarn Deli. Today, although a Sunday and very was busy as usual, I had the time to 'log' the cappachinos that passed through our barristers bar.

I remembered I had seen on Carte Blanche once, there was a guy who could spin out something ridiculous like 10 coffees, all perfect, in a minute. I just liked the way our milk was forming pictures or patterns.

I tried to pull some patterns through the milk and coffee, though it was soo much harder than I thought it would be. Wow. But I think I'm going to practise more and see where it goes.
I mean, I learnt to make a cappachino :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lazy Friday

I have so much to do but just don't feel like working :)

On Woman's day, we - as in my mom, dad and bestest friend/house mate Liz - took a drive out to Rhodes Memorial, just for a visit and then went out for some lunch.
I love Rhodes. You have the most stunning view of UCT and Cape Town from UCT all the way across the Flats, until Durbanville Hill, as well as the soon to be demolished Athlone Towers.

We took some pictures :)

Black Berry :)

the View of Cape Town

Liz and I :) I'm a moster, really.

Liz is wearing
Dress, Funky Ice
Pashmina Scarf, Pashmina
Leggings and Boot, Mr Price

I'm wearing
Blazor and floral mini dress, Project at Mr Price
Jeans, RE: at Woolworths
Pashmina Scarf, Pashmina
Pumps, Mr Price

train ride home, one late friday afternoon . . .

Today, after one hectic week . . .

The first week of Style Lab.
By the way . . .
Style Lab is killing me slowly, although, I hope, that after this art week, I will get to bed before 1 am. Shouldn't have  much homework to do except accessories and little things like that :) Had the biggest hand in today - 2 storyboards ( mine had 4 intricate technical drawings on them ), mood board, concept board, 2 accessories boards, 2 hair and make up boards and a re-fabrication design illustration! So that's 9 pieces in for today. Started with my jeans patterns today, but far to hot to carry on and actually finish something I set out to do. I mean, it is a Friday ( not that that means much to us any more :P )

I was sitting on that train. An hour's trip, twice a day - it really gives you time to think. A lot. You meet really interesting people on the train . . . and some reeeeaaaalllly odd ones too. So inbetween avoiding arbs, I was thinking . . .

Isn't meant to be winter? It has been cold, like freezing in the morning, and then so warm in the afternoons? What is going on with the world.

People should really pull thier weight in group work. I can't ever remember hearing somebody say, "Oh? I love group work."
People, stop being lazy, stop riding on your 'friends' and do something. Nobody else cares about your marks, we just care about the work that effects us.

Tip your waitresses :P

Anyway, it is such a beautiful day in Cape Town. Started off with 3 layers, and now down to one.
Took a few pictures coming home, alone, felt like such a long day. But it was warm, pretty and I had the best Iced Latte ever :) Kauai <3

Lil Berry doesn't take the best photo's in the world buuuuut, this is what I was wearing today :)
MIni floral dress, two pairs of leggings, brown socks, Thigh high patent boots and vintage gold and ivory type ring.

St James bathing Huts :) So pretty in real life :)

The turn in to home, well Kalk Bay. Ohh, I love my home town.

I really should carry around my real camera. I'm afraid Lil BBerry isn't up to scratch.
Soo, busy weekend a head. Working both days, have runners for my dad's catering company to make, and still have one and a half essays to write. Them same thing next week - and the week after that. Bring on the holidays . . .

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

THEFT magazine photoshoot

p r o j e c t f a s h i on m a g a z i n e

Okay so these are the photographs I took of my beautiful friend, Lisa Harrison. They are for a project at college. We had to create a magazine that is all about our world and what we think the real world wants to read and be a part of.

These pictures were taken with a Canon 300D, with no editing, natural light and well postitioned sun :) Between Lisa and I, we styled all the looks. I took the photographs. On my balcony, and in and around my house.

This was the first time I had met Lisa, properly, and I was so hoping she would be as pretty in real life as she was in other photgraphs I'd seen of her. Turned out that she was even better, and was exactly what I was looking for. Like a muse, really.

 blue floral strapless dress, atmosphere
leggings, mr price
gold chain necklace, attitude
gold charm bracelet, mr price 

cream rose shirt, denim & co.
gold charm necklace, foshini
gold heart pendant necklace, attitude
 leggings, mr price
boots, edgars

cream rose shirt, denim & co.
gold charm necklace, foshini
gold heart pendant necklace, attitude

grey wash dress, body wrap
leather belt (used as a necklace) mr price

floral dress, mr price
leggings, mr price
hair accessory, project at mr price
crystal beaded necklace, foschini
teething beaded necklace, simonstown market

I used this one, above, for the cover of THEFT's 'first edition' :P

grey tank, cherokee
high-waisted black and white floral skirt, french connection
white chiffon neckscarf, ap jones
 black belt, woolworths
 brown wash suede pocohontas boots, obseesed
gold heart pendant necklace, attitude
 gold pendant necklace, foschini
gold band bracelets, foshini
clipon flower cuff, secrets of babylon
polka dot ruffle dress, shikha london
chiffon neckscarf, ap jones
gold pendant necklace, attitude
gold charm bracelet, truworths

babydoll dress, mr price
cardigan, real clothing at pick n pay
band bracelets, edgars
gold detailed cuff, edgars
necklace, potbelly

cream rose shirt, denim & co.
gold charm necklace, foshini
gold heart pendant necklace, attitude
leggings, mr price

This is my favourite picture, I think.

The whole idea for my magazine is how we as young adults need to move away from our parents and become our own people, but we need to be taught to live alone, etc. I wanted to create the idea of individuality and happiness, away from home, and creating your whole new world.

I have so much homework still to do, but needed a break.