Friday, December 31, 2010

another festival weekend

I'm off to be a dirty hippy again

okay, so it's finally the end of the year :)
And Court, Liz and I are off to Rock the River at the Berg River near Tulbag today . . . 3 days, 2 nights.
Soooo, see you lovelies on Sunday night :}

{peace and love}

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Merry Christmas and all that jazz :) I had such a lovely day . . . although, with no blood family relatives, it was very different from Christmas' past. It was the first time my and my boyfriend, Courtney's, families have been together for a holiday event, with his dad just managing to miss the snow issue in London. We also had my parents best friends and thier four lil ladies & granny, and two of my dads' friends . . . making us 19 for Christmas Lunch . . . woah.

I had a great day, present wise :D
From my parents, and Father Christmas, I got a Nikon CoolPix L21 Camera. A 8 mega pixel pink point-and-shoot (which all of the pictures in this post are taken with)
and a Empisal Dressmaker 270D Sewing Machine (for home so that I don't have to transport my Bernina every time I have to sew something)
My sister bought me a beautiful summer-coloured, bright floral maxi dress,
 And from my darling Courtney, I got the most magnificient wooden style wedge sandals :D

petes' christmas shirt

Daniel, my Courtney and his mom

So after a lovely day of food, champagne and wine, we were all full, happy and tired. Cassie had had enough of the noise, so she took her present and went to sleep on the kitchen floor. Right where we were cleaning . . . Silly puppy.

What I'm wearing
Laced floral-printed chiffon dress - Foschini, pre-Christmas present from my mom
brown lattice pumps - Mr Price

Just a thank you to all who made the day so fantastic. What did you do on Christmas day?
{peace and love}

Twas the night before Christmas

Last night was Christmas Eve, hello, and for a family swap - I went out with my boyfriends' family to a lovely house on the Lakes in Noordehoek . . . very nice plot - leading into the lake. It was the first time I had ever been away from my family on Christmas Eve, though it wasn't that bad :)

On Wednesday, we got a puppy :)
Welcome Cassidy Eden-Jade Kipling :)
She is a Siberian Husky cross German Shepard. She is divine and naughty as all hell.

When we got home, my mom had set up all out special presents under the tree and was ready to go to bed . . . buutttt we had a slight miscommunication . . . and ended up being woken up at 1:45 am, after only getting to sleep at 1:30 . . . and then through-out the night I was woken up . . . I was on Puppy Patrol, and she was sleeping on me :) That plus the excitement of it being Christmas in a few hours . . . It was very hard to try to get to sleep.

So with Chuck guarding the presents, i was able to get a little sleep :) And as the very mature adult I am, was awake at 5:30 am to open my presents :)

{peace and love}

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is here :)

H e l l o   S u m m e r :)

My darling friend, Lisa Harrison, organised a little Christmas getogether on the Public Holiday. It was so sweet. I didn't know half the people, which was nice because I had to be exciting and talk to strangers . . . Not usually my favourite thing, but it went very well :) Met some new people and had a lovely, Christmasy time. Thanks for organising it, muffin :)

In these pictures . . . Olivia Williams (stripped shirt) , Chelsea Harvey (floral dress) , Lisa Harrison (rose shirt) and Me :)

So we each had to bring gifts, just a little one, and we had to pick out a box . . . then we could steal from other people to get the one that you want . . . I got that AMAZING love ring :)
I was a very nice (I hate that word) clever idea to get us all together before everybody split up for the Hoildays . . . Thanks again Lisa x

{peace and love}

Friday, December 17, 2010

road trip over the hill

hiiiiiii . . .

After a month of the wind (yes, I know I complain about it all the time - shows how much I hate it) had seemed to have given up and a beautiful summers day was emerging. Had to get a touch of Christmas (and self) shopping done, but then had nothing planned the whole day. My sister Jess was in the same situation, so we decided to pack or bags and head to the beach. But I hate the packed beaches, and came up with the idea of heading south to Boulders beach. For those who don't know, this is the paying beach where you and the penguins swim and lie on the sand together, all happy as Larry. But being the first glorious day in weeks, the beach was PACKED with tourists, and by full - I mean closed.

Jess found an old school tape (I have a tape deck in my car okay) which had Bon Jovi, Rod Stuart and Bryan Adams on it, and together we worked out how to use the tape deck :) Welcome to Lil Hooch . . . my lovely lil car :)

Soo, we had to rethink and ended up going to a local-only beach just round the corner, but the wind had already picked up there . . . so annoying!
Ended up coming home and lying by the pool and jacuzzi . . .

Now Liz and I are making Sushi for dinner. All you can eat, yes please :)

What I'm wearing

white shirt - insinc
high waisted denim shorts - woolworths
silver sandals - mr price

Last night, I went to a lovely little Chrismas get together . . . one of those cool gift exchanges were you get to steal from the other people, hehe sorry Chelsea :)
I got this ring I'm wearing . . . l o v e. Thanks Lisa my darling. . .
Will do a post on that soon.
Must get back to my sushi making

{peace and love}

Saturday, December 11, 2010

lace dancing

A  F A M I L Y   G E T O G E T H E R

Having lived in the Valley my whole life, as has my dad done the same, we know a lot of people. People leave for a short while, but in the end - you just can't escape the Fish Hoek Valley. On Tuesday, one of my dad's best friends arrived from the UK for the Holiday Season. It's always so lovely to have the extended family around, and there are so many of us.
Today was Katie, their youngest daughters Christening.
and Surprise! Another windy day in the Valley . . . and not just a breeze, it's pumping.

I bought this dress ages ago, but haven't had the time or opportunity to wear it. So I took today as the perfect chance. Pity the wind didn't play along. best thing was that the special girl and I matched . . . Katie's white dress had the same detail as my cream one :)

what I'm wearing

cream lace dress - a little boutique in our mall
black gladiator sandals - mr price
black under skirt - Street Market, Durban
floral canvas studded hand bag - handmade in Thailand

this is the bag I won from the Embracing Styles competition last week . . . I got it this morning and couldn't be happier. It's amazing! Floral, canvas, long strap, studded, lovely! Thank you again, Anthea. See her blog here

So I have been thinking . . . I would like feed back from the people who read the blog.
What do you think it's missing?
What should I do more or less of?
Anything you like in particular?
Do you find it easy to navigate?

Please comment to let me know . . . I really would love to here from you.
Otherwise, FOLLOW, comment and keep reading.

{peace and love}