Sunday, February 20, 2011

young love for sale

A  N I G H T   A T   T H E   B A L L E T

I've just got home from Maynardville, the open air theatre in Wynberg park. We watched the final performance of Night and Day, a Cape Town City Ballet performance starring Janet Lindup and Johnny Bovane. With a picnic in the park before with an old family friend and my family ladies, leading into the forrest amphitheatre. It's so beautiful. I have missed the ballet. And this is THE way to experience it, especially when half the ladies we came with have never been to a ballet before.

Set in the twenties, I expect, the story line seemed to be about a man who fell in love and got married, though he seemed to be led a stray by other men? And women. There was quiet a bit of man on man dancing, which, for me, was something new, and exciting I might add. As contempory ballet dancing show, there was good mixture of classic ballet, tap, jazz, charlston steps and modern movements. 

Though, for a modern, professional production, I was a little disappointed with the females costumes, while the males costumes are fabulous ;) green chiffon, flowy shirts and fitted slacks, all white ensemble with a champagne pink cummerband. An all white finale was fresh and clean. Very upbeat for ballet. Kept an open mind, and was lovely and refreshing.

The jazzy music filled the air, with a bit of Frank pulling through every now and then. Oak leaves tumbling down onto the stage floor. Trees wrapped in fairy lights and flickering glimmers of glitter between the leaves. The trees rustling, adding their sounds to the ambiance. Very magical and romantic.

what I'm wearing

teal boobtube slip dress - pashmina, bali
Brown handbag - Studio W., Woolworths
black pionted pumps - Mr Price
Skinny jeans - Mr price
head band - Pick n Pay Clothing
Not sure what we are making these next two sewing weeks, so shall keep you posted.
Have funnnn

{peace and love}

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

window display for {southern comfort}

So at college lately we have been doing a lot of work, art and sewing (will do the post on the tailored jacket I made soon) though nothing is really grabbing my attention lately, hence that lack of exciting clothing posts.

These past three weeks, we have been doing little bits for our collections. There is a series of illustrations we have to do over the next month, with the first one due today our logo and mailer design, and a window display due for this week . . .
So tired.

{peace and love}

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

                                 S O U T H E R N   C O M F O R T    E N L I G H T E N M E N T

At college, over the last two weeks, we have had to do large amounts of elaborate research regarding our collections . . . so far, I am heading towards something new and exciting - I'm doing a cloud white and stonewashed denim avent garde pret-a-porter collection, with brown cow leatherette (because we like our animals living), freezer pack turquoise, Aztec gold and peacock blends. I'm drawing inspiration from many sources, with the Bohemian age heading those inspirations.

Collection name: Southern Comfort by Jenna Maree-Kipling. I am doing a narrative collection range, with a massive story behind each outfit. Obviously, these stories will come when the time arrives . . .

These are just a few inspirational pictures for the feather application and colour pallet (but the main colours of my collection are white and light denim, this is just the feelings/mood of the bright pieces)

Have been soo busy this past week, sewing a blazer style tailored jacket. Boring colours, mine is a grey muslin style felt fabric, and nobody wants to see sewing in the *sweat shop - so no need to document, will just show final pieces. Just too excited about the starting of our collections, I don't want to sew silly banana stuffs.

*sweat shop. n. - meant lovingly, it's just very very hot, lots of lil people making the same thing and looks like a factory.

{Peace & Love}

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

third sketch starts

Third year has started with a bang . . . and one of our criteria this year is to start a blog. Ta-dah, I thought. Check. I have one already . . . then Mr Le Roux drops the bomb of having to start a new, fresh one. oh fedisa.
I have already gone to allll the trouble of setting up this one? And I have learnt pretty much all there is to know about blogging? I have a cool name and a cool header? My blog is about me being a student and my learning? So I am going to have a meeting with him and ask him if I can carry on with Croquis Life as my Graduate Blog.

But what I am going to have to do is name a section and create a link to all my 'college posts' which will become a new page link at the top of the page-screen.
what to name it though?
fed book
wait, third stitch or third sketch are kind of good? Links back to croquis book? Any thoughts?

anyway . . . some of my fed ladies have already got thier blogs started, and they are looking lovely

the visual jornal

la mode l'amour

infinate loop: a nibble at life


will be creating a blog roll for these fedisa blogs soon as I have enough ;)
But boy, have I heard some funny stuff come out of peoples mouths about this assignment . . . If only I could post them. You would be rolling.
And for all those people who were so rude about me having a 'blog' . . . karma bites. enjoy the nerd fest ;)

{peace and love}