Monday, January 31, 2011

J&B Met Met Met.

Finally. This was it! And it was incredible! One of the best experiences I have ever had.
Let's be honest, I have never really been interested in horses (not really my scene) and nor was racing. But wow! I'm just a little addicted! The fashion, the betting, the lovely big horses . . . it's just such a fantastic atmosphere. Definitely something I want to carry on doing, getting much more into it :)

Now, being at a fashion event such as the J&B Metropolitan, I should have thousands of pictures of people and thier dresses . . . but to be honest, i am very shy about asking random people to let me take pictures of them . . . So i had to take pictures on the sly. Not great but hey.

There are no pictures of me and what I wore, because I am very much sick of having that dress in my posts . . . here is a link to see it . . . but no pictures :P
PROJECT BALL GOWN is finished.
No more for a while. No more of that fabric. No more.
So, all in all - a great day was had . . . though I thinking about it afterwards, I really should have taken more pictures of people . . .
Thank you, love of life and his mother dear for organising the tickets. Siiick jol really.

{peace && love}

Thursday, January 27, 2011

real paint, real me

hello there. Yes, I know . . . long time riiiight?

uhm, busy designing a graduate collection here :) So . . . we at fedisa, have started our third and final year of university. I am so very excited and have fantastic ideas . . . just having a lot of work, and only getting home late in the evening - no time for blogging. makes me sad. This week was busy . . . at least six or so briefs, and a LOT of work. It also causes a lot of stress, and then panicked dressing - so today I took some time to put together a fashionable outfit.

what I'm wearing
Let me tell you a little bit about my clothing. My button-through shirt is a St Michael, and was bought by my gran on one of her many trips to the United Kingdom. The straight cut jeans, River Trade, I'm wearing are splattered with paint from when my mom was painting a back drop for a ballet, The Wizard of Oz, many years ago. They are originals, not designer made or computer printed. They even have the 'OZ' on the back pocket. Original. My stunning wedges were a Christmas present from my boyfriend (Mr Price) and my bag . . . the most perfect hang bad ever, I searched and searched for the perfect brown, leatherette, long strapped and double handled. I went to Aldo, Nine West, Mr Price, Callaghan, every where and the very last store I went into, after not even wanting to - Woolworths. So after willing to spend as much as necessary, I ended up by from the 'cheap place' because they had the desired object - not because I'm cheap or looking for a 'knock-off' or any of the horrible things people say.
Tah-daaa :)

have a fantastic week, and see you after the J&B and mothers birthday party . . . long weekend
{peace and love}

Monday, January 24, 2011

meeting new people

Just a little interview

When you become a blogger, you read blogs. I found that since I started writing in August, I have discovered a lot about the people whos' blogs I read. I have decided I want to get to know some of the writers behind these blogs a little more. So first on my list is a penpal friend, Louise Mohr. She has an amazing blog, which I read everyday. Only having started blogging in July, Louise has written 178 posts and has 202 follwers. Definately worth a good read, but trust me - don't start unless you have a few hours to kill.

lets talk you

who are you, as a person, as a blogger?

I’m Louise! I’m an avid reader, singer, coffee-drinker, fashion obsessor, prankster, watcher of good and bad television, lover of animals, baker of brownies, wife to Darin, mother to Rowena, thrifter, laugher, and classic film advocate.  I recently moved from the metropolis of Portland to a wee Bavarian village in the valley.  I recently finished a 5-year stint at Gap, but now I am a mostly-stay-at-home-mom with a morning part-time job at a local youth center.

where are you from, where are you now?
I live in a little village called Mount Angel.  It's a small Bavarian town nestled in the foothills of Oregon's Willamette Valley.  I love it here!
favourite designer or celebrity, and why?
Of course, Zooey Zeschanel is utterly amazing!  But, Ginger Rogers wins in my book!

favourite piece of clothing? bought or thrifted?
  My leather owl purse is my favorite thing in my closet!  I received the purse from my husband for Christmas.  I named him 'Ernest'.

lets talk blog

what is the name of your blog, and why did you name it this?
The name of my blog is "Coffee & a Cardigan."  I wanted my blog to have a warm and comfortable name that one wants to come back to.

what do you blog about?
I take pictures of what I wear five days a week, and you'll also find a smattering of silly stories, recipes, and music.

who is your most influential blogger (the blogger you most look up to)?
I think that Lulu Letty does a wonderful job of connecting to her readers, and she definitely knows her style!

what are you hoping to achieve through your blogging?
I am extremely passionate about promoting a healthy body image.  Through my blog, I hope that I can help other women feel more comfortable in their own skin.  I am a size ten, I am a mother; these factors don’t hinder my style. Rather, they enhance it.  I am actually more confident now than I was at a pre-baby size six!  I want my readers to love their bodies too.

do you ever look at other peoples blog and think theres' is better?
Oh, yes, all the time!  There will always be someone 'better.' I've accepted and embraced that fact!

 (all the pictures are taken direcly from her blog)

Thank you sooo much, darling Louise, for giving up the time :)
SO Comment, Croquislife readers, what do you think about the interview idea? Want your turn? :P
{peace and love}

Saturday, January 22, 2011

j&&b, test run

Cavendish Square hosts the J&B Met fedisa Most Elegant Couple

after an eleven week holiday, that's ELEVEN weeks of freedom and sleep, we had our runway show, showcasing the talent of last years Second Years, that's this years Third Years. So basically we had to style our
P R O J E C T   B A L L   G O W N S, adding a male part and accessories . . .
Easy, yes, just time consuming.

This is Tarryn, and she, surprisingly enough fitted into my custom made, corseted ball gown - beautifully.

well, this was today :)

With a nightmare today, that only I can conjure up, I managed to get two fully clothed people out on the runway on time. My male model on arrived back for holiday this morning, with the fitting being yesterday. So I started today with an outfit that hadn't been fitted, no male shoes and no write-up for the dresser, I was running late and because of the running late, the male issue and the heat, it was just getting worse and worse. So arriving 45 minutes late, everything was there - male model included and it ended up being a very enjoyable day. I didn't place in the top Three, but that's not all bad - just means that I get to go to the Met in my outfit ;)

With my dearest sitting with me watching the show, we had fun :)

I even dragged my darling manfriend through Cavendish Square and found myself a lovely bag :) post on that later

And I promise, no more posts on this damn dress, PROJECT BALL GOWN is done and dusted. That was second year . . . we are heading into a new year, new classroom, last ten months of university. Can you believe it?

what I'm wearing
gypsy mini dress - project, mr price
brown glads - mr price
brown leatherette sling bag - studio w, woolworths

{peace and love}

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blackberries, Blueberries

This year's biggest trend - the Blackberry

Let's be honest - if you don't have a blackberry, 9 times out of 10 you want one.

Okay, so it has come to that time where, if you think about it, can you really think of more than twenty people you know off the top of your head that do not have blackberries? It's getting a little ridiculous . . .

But the thing that is more ridiculous is the fact that people spend more time on their phones than speaking to each other in reality. It's actually quite a boring topic but it's important, because look around you next time you go out for lunch . . . at least 3 out of the four tables around you will have a blackberry on the table. Working in a restaurant, I see this all the time . . . and that red flashing light just catches the corner of your eye and you have to check what it message is.

Walking down the street, look around you . . . it's quiet funny actually (and I know I do it sometimes)
almost every second person you walk past will have a blackberry to their ear, or typing something, very fast.

Don't get me wrong, I love my blackberry, but it's driving me crazy when you can't even have a full conversation with the other person picking up their phones 'just to check'. It's almost like the blackberry raises you in social standing and the more you are on it, the higher you rise . . . but just like with mxit - IT DRIVES ME MAD! And yes, you are talking to people and whatnot, but think about the people around you.

what do you think?

that's my rant for the week ;)

{peace and love}

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

angry cloud

Okay, so maybe the wind has a few advantages to it . . .
Makes for pretty photo's and brings in HUGE bad ASS clouds!
I was so inspired by the sky . . . I jumped up for the photo op. Hoping to do a bigger shoot with my lovely boyfriend, Courtney, tomorrow. Trying to get a man to take pictures is very difficult.
This is the head piece I had to made for the J&B Met competition, annnnd made friends with left over flowy chiffon from my PROJECT BALL GOWN dress . . . though it was over my shorts and vest . . . but kinda works?

more on this later, maybe a full shoot ;)

please comment if you're reading this, I'm feeling a give away very soon. . . maybe an interview . . . if you want to feature here, lemme know . . . might be cool to do a blog swap.
 . . . annnnd if you are reading this and you are from an Arabic counrty and invited me on BBM, PLEASE DO IT AGAIN! 2228F555!
That is all :)

Hope you're having a good week.
{peace and love}

Sunday, January 9, 2011

summer, don't end

H a p p y   N e w   Y e a r ,   C r o q u i s L i f e   r e a d e r s  :)

I was planning on doing a HUGE post on the Rock the River New Years out door party I went to . . . but . . . it was very disappointing and we didn't get many fashiony photos. Just one of those weekends when we fought with the GPS and got lost, fought with the weather and got wet and fought with my car, got lost and was just all around a badly organise event, from there side . . . but I probably will do a festival dress post soon.

all the leaves are brown, and the skies are grey.

what I'm wearing

denim shorts - RE:Jeans, Woolworths
yellow cotton Camisole - Cherokee
black snake skin sandals - Woolworths
love ring - present from Lisa
gold antique ring - Mr Price
Pendant necklace* - Mythology

* The pendant I'm wearing is a South African take on Alice in Wonderland . . . It's Alice holding our national flower, the King Protea.

So I'm home, working again, with just under 2 weeks of holiday left before my final year of my Fashion Design degree. We have a big project during the holidays to accessorise our
P R O J E C T   B A L L  G O W N  dresses to fit into the theme of Larger that Life, for the J&B Met, the horse racing competition . . . very exciting as I have never been involved in this competiton before. I have been putting off the work the whole holiday, and now really have to do the work, so have given today to make the accessories :)

The weather has taken a turn for the worse, and it has turned chilly :( Oh no . . . where has summer gone?

{peace and love}