Friday, September 30, 2011

the bohemian couture .

after having googled googles face off for general inspiration over the past year, I have finally found the perfect inspiration to share with you.

This is a somewhat aged photoshoot . I use the term 'aged' loosly, beacause this was shot in 1998, but is definate modern take to the styling.

Shot for Vogue Italia, in September 1998, by photographer  Peter Lindbergh, The bohemian couture opens the eyes to a trend that wouldn't surface for 10 years but yet, it is fashion forward and innovative without being weird or tacky.

Models: May Andersen, Zoe Gaze, Audrey Marnay, Lonneke Engel


will be doing an outfit post as soon as possible, but as you know, this month is insane! couture dress in full swing . . . can post after the dress has been seen on the runway ;)

Congratualtions to Nicole Furter and Gareth Haze on the engagement . . . that is going to be a beautiful wedding . . . all the love to you two x

{ peace and love }

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