Wednesday, February 9, 2011

                                 S O U T H E R N   C O M F O R T    E N L I G H T E N M E N T

At college, over the last two weeks, we have had to do large amounts of elaborate research regarding our collections . . . so far, I am heading towards something new and exciting - I'm doing a cloud white and stonewashed denim avent garde pret-a-porter collection, with brown cow leatherette (because we like our animals living), freezer pack turquoise, Aztec gold and peacock blends. I'm drawing inspiration from many sources, with the Bohemian age heading those inspirations.

Collection name: Southern Comfort by Jenna Maree-Kipling. I am doing a narrative collection range, with a massive story behind each outfit. Obviously, these stories will come when the time arrives . . .

These are just a few inspirational pictures for the feather application and colour pallet (but the main colours of my collection are white and light denim, this is just the feelings/mood of the bright pieces)

Have been soo busy this past week, sewing a blazer style tailored jacket. Boring colours, mine is a grey muslin style felt fabric, and nobody wants to see sewing in the *sweat shop - so no need to document, will just show final pieces. Just too excited about the starting of our collections, I don't want to sew silly banana stuffs.

*sweat shop. n. - meant lovingly, it's just very very hot, lots of lil people making the same thing and looks like a factory.

{Peace & Love}

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