Sunday, February 20, 2011

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A  N I G H T   A T   T H E   B A L L E T

I've just got home from Maynardville, the open air theatre in Wynberg park. We watched the final performance of Night and Day, a Cape Town City Ballet performance starring Janet Lindup and Johnny Bovane. With a picnic in the park before with an old family friend and my family ladies, leading into the forrest amphitheatre. It's so beautiful. I have missed the ballet. And this is THE way to experience it, especially when half the ladies we came with have never been to a ballet before.

Set in the twenties, I expect, the story line seemed to be about a man who fell in love and got married, though he seemed to be led a stray by other men? And women. There was quiet a bit of man on man dancing, which, for me, was something new, and exciting I might add. As contempory ballet dancing show, there was good mixture of classic ballet, tap, jazz, charlston steps and modern movements. 

Though, for a modern, professional production, I was a little disappointed with the females costumes, while the males costumes are fabulous ;) green chiffon, flowy shirts and fitted slacks, all white ensemble with a champagne pink cummerband. An all white finale was fresh and clean. Very upbeat for ballet. Kept an open mind, and was lovely and refreshing.

The jazzy music filled the air, with a bit of Frank pulling through every now and then. Oak leaves tumbling down onto the stage floor. Trees wrapped in fairy lights and flickering glimmers of glitter between the leaves. The trees rustling, adding their sounds to the ambiance. Very magical and romantic.

what I'm wearing

teal boobtube slip dress - pashmina, bali
Brown handbag - Studio W., Woolworths
black pionted pumps - Mr Price
Skinny jeans - Mr price
head band - Pick n Pay Clothing
Not sure what we are making these next two sewing weeks, so shall keep you posted.
Have funnnn

{peace and love}

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