Saturday, May 21, 2011

it's a sign . 20 . 20 . 20

m y   2 0 t h   b i r t h d a y

sooo :) no longer a child . a teen . a tween . any of those nonsense nouns . verbs. whatever. I'm an adult. AND I even voted for the first time the next day .

I turned twenty . had a jol of a night . with the best friends you could imagine :)
*jol is South African Slang for party or just generally having a good time

well, how is this fashion related? Well, you don't have the quality of my friends. best presents . jewellery, rings && necklaces . scarf . jacket . shirt
all of which you will be seeing in the near future in the what I'm wearing posts . . .

thank you to each one of the best people alive who made my day so incredible. all the love in the world goes out to you <3

(peace && love)


  1. Happy belated Birthday! Love the street sign, such a great idea. x

  2. it was such a lovely suprise from my friends :)
    had the best day :)


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