Sunday, May 29, 2011

runnaway weeks

I have no idea where all my time is going, but hours are blending into weeks within a blink of an eye, a intake of breath. one day ends without any hesitation . . . and time is running out.

so far, I have made 4 and a half garments for my graduate collection,
{s o u t h e r n   c o m f o r t}
two pairs of jeans
a corset
a chiffon tank
the half is an unfainshed cape jacket bolero that was too thick to fit through the machine and have to rethink it. not fun I tell you.

have been hand sewing my life away with binding the chiffon tank this past weekend, so all I have done to keep the mind occupied is watch tv, which, as most fashion students will know and feel the same way, is quiet a luxury.

I have rewatched Lady Gaga - The Monster Ball, Live at Madison Square Gardens, the HBO Special  at least twice . . .

I get ripped off for liking her so much . . . people laugh? quiet rude in fact.

she is an inspiration to every living person.
she has opened the world to excepting the 'not normal' the different, the strange . . .
" . . . whether you're gay, straight or bi . . ."
born this way is an incredable, inspirational song that lets people be themselves and hopefully be happy with that person . . .

what I think a lot of people who dismiss her, only do so because they cannot fathom the idea that a pop star to have such influence on the regular population. maybe it's because she is encouraging people to be themselves and not what they think others want them to me . . .
just a thought . . .

I will post pictures soon, just busy finishing off some things.

have a good week ;)

{p e a c e   &   l o v e}


  1. Thank you for this post. It's always good to be reminded to just be yourself, it's also what I love about Gaga. Time really has been slipping past, I can't believe it's almost June. Bias binding is a such a pain but it really looks amazing in the end. Sending you good vibes xo

  2. Can't wait to see the pics of your creations!

  3. I would love to put pictures of the working process and the finished products.
    BUT I want there to be a surprise on the runway show day . . .
    but will be doing a full post on the work when it's done

  4. Sheri,
    really crazy choices of fabric also don't help.


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