Friday, September 9, 2011

these fed dolls know how to work

" Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance. "

college has been on long day blurred into one month of hard, hard work, some strange happenings in class and the occasional FUR or FAUX arguement while we plot on with our assignments. . .

But all work and no play makes Jenna a dull designer.

On Sunday, the 4 September, some of the fedisa ladies took to the clubs of Durbanville for a little R&R. It was The Da SIlva Triplet's 21st brthday party, and them Portugese know how it's done.


DISCLAIMER* this party had nothing to do with fedisa, the lecturers or other students, except the ones photograhed. FEDISA is not a party school, but this is how fashion designers go out in style.{ peace and love }

I have made such amazing friends in my time at this college, friends I hope to keep forever.

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