Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bakery Candy Shop

Temptation is the devil I tell you.

P R O J E C T      I N S T I L L A T I O N
For one of our last Visual Art Studies projects, we had to prepare a still life and draw a section of it in a composition that worked. Well, that was the easy part :)
We didn't prepare for the temptation . . . bright pink cupcakes sitting ALL OVER the display!
 And we had the assignment for 2 days . . .

Though, strong willing and self-controlled as we are, we got to 3pm on the first day, looked at each other and made the decision to eat them, because ' they were going to go stale' hehe :)
everybody had drawn what they had needed too :)

Robyn le Sueur trying to attach the spatula to the roof?

look how good those cupcakes look . . . they were incredible :)

Thanks to Kirsty van Wyk and Robin-Lee Johnson for the cupcakes :)
I enjoyed this project :)

final drawing

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