Thursday, October 21, 2010

Corsetry, again. Really?

Yes, yes I know. Another post on corsetry. but this one is different.
We have to do a one board Storyboarding Project on a historic Corset :) Yay, finally.

I decided that the women of the Fourties inspired me. They survived through the hardship and restrictions of the Second World War, and emerged beautiful, well brought up ladies. I decided to focus on the beautiful images of
G i l E v l g r e n

So this is my inspiration for the theme

P I N   U P   L O V E



This is my main inspiration for this board. I love the colouring and the compostion.

Another thing . . . please if you read this, comment and tell me where you are from. It's really interesting to know how many people read this, and where you are all from :) I need to build more of a following, so please 'follow' me :) here, twitter, facebook, anyway you can . . .

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  1. amazing pin-ups! definitely inspiration worthy :)


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