Thursday, October 28, 2010

updates and such

okay, so this term has been so busy, I honestly have only had a few minutes each day to myself, as in - no time for writing stories to you :(
But I have two weeks left and then I will post all my college work this year :) So you can see how I work ;)
Just want to thank all of you for reading these mindless rambles, especially Chelsea Harvey, my number one reader (as she says)

Love you x


  1. Those cupcakes are very cute! As an avid cupcake baker myself (and muffins of course)I always love to see what other people have created. Now if I could do that for a living it would be great. Pity New Zealand has so many daft rules about food.I come often to read your blog cuzzie and always enjoy seeing what you're up to and what new things you are creating.

  2. Hi Lani :)
    I also LOVE baking! Cupcakes are my favourite. Can be very theraputic.
    What are the rules about food over there?
    I love that you read and comment :) Means a lot, thank you :)
    Tell your friends about it ;)
    Follow me, offically :)
    Keep reading.
    Love to you, cousin x


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