Sunday, March 6, 2011

beautiful in unfamiliar places

Creating a collection is hard. very hard. no sleep, hours of time wasted on drawing useless designs, hours redrawing useless designs, typing, printing, standing waiting in printing shops, waiting for computer technicians and bizhub technicians to arrive. All in all, a tough week.

I formed have a theory: which I shall call the unfamiliar inspiration theory
- designers inspired by the same media will result in an underlying theme of similarity.
If all the graduates get inspired by the same media and sources, surely all the collections are going to have the same under lying theme and will not be original, and unique?

So - me being me, I did a test. 2 days, from college home in the late afternoon (my favourite time of day) from the moment I left college to the moment I got home - I took pictures of everything that inspired me of that I thought was beautiful. Not may people have seen Cape Town from this angle, so might be a little ugly for you, but for me - this is my hometown, railways, streets and graffiti.

{these pictures are not necessarily in order}

I'm battling to find time to get some good ol' blogging done, so when I can, it's more than likely to be a colab of the past week. busy busy with {s o u t h e r n  c o m f o r t} collection stuff, designing and sourcing fabrics, so battling to relax and unwind. will try get some of my project garments up, asap.

{peace and love}

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