Sunday, March 13, 2011

fabric fantasy. finally.

I have got my fabric choices sorted. I am so excited! Just want to start sewing now! I am now set in my ways for my Graduate Collection of
{s o u t h e r n  c o m f o r t} by J E N N A   M A R E E - K I P L I N G
at fedisa 2011.

Yesterday, I spent ages trawling the hundreds of racks of beautiful fabrics and materials at the Wynberg Fabric World. Unlike almost every other time I have been to a fabric shop, I actually enjoyed my hour and a half there. At other places, such as Fabric City in Sir Lowery Road, Cape Town, Lynn's Fabric in the Arcade in Fish Hoek Main Road and Global Textiles in Wynberg, I always feel like they are rushing me, trying to get my out of the shop as soon as they can, and most of the 'cutters' are rude and short tempered with students. My experience yesterday was the most pleasant time I have ever ever had at a material shop, including my lovely little shop on Fish Hoek Main Road, Global Textiles.

Blaise, my cutter, was so patient, giving me advise on the quality of the fabric I had chosen and making sure I knew the prices of them too. He wondered around the massive store with me from the moment I walked in, till I took all my stuff to the purchasing counter.

This picture is my lovely cutter rolling up my 24 meters of the fabulous gauzy Indian Cotton, after unrolling it to count. With a smile. UNHEARD of for a fabric shop on a Saturday Morning.

Now that all the prep work for the collection is handed in, and nobody can change anything now - I can happily tell about mine :) We have had a long term, with another two weeks to go before we sent sail on creating our miracles . . . so here is my finalised choices of my graduate collection. I'm so excited to start sewing!

t h e   c o l o u r   c h o i c e s   f o r   {southern comfort}

crisp cloud white
stone wash
deep sky blue
cloudy sky blue
brown cow

t h e   f a b r i c   c h o i c e s   f o r  {southern comfort}

crisp white cloud India cotton
crisp cloud white shirting
deep sky blue stretch denim

stone wash denim
deep sky blue denim
cloudy sky blue denim
brown cow leatherette, vinyl
brown cow poly cotton for lining
turquoise stone

r e f a b r i c a t i o n   f o r  {southern comfort}

at fedisa, they are BIG on this refabrication story. It's the application of additional elements to a piece of fabric, that 'up's the design quality' of the original bought  fabric.

I am using the deep sky blue original stretch denim that has a weft of white that forms a pin strip

and refabrication to transform the denim into {southern comfort} approved material :)


{front left to right, basic discriptions}
1. pot scourer, kitchen counter cleaner, ripped with a bread knife, spashed with salt and lemon juice and left in the sun
2. stone destressed, bashed between two pebble river stones
3. soaked in priapic and turmeric, then burned with a gas stove.
4. splashed with vodka and salt, then dripped candle wax on it, let it dry and ironed it off
5. grated with a rough side of a cheese grater


{left to right, basic descriptions . . . not going to tell you all of my secrets}

1. hth (clorine) pool clearer, with hot water
*note to self: do not pour kettle directly on to clorine tablet while standing over the sink.
2. full bleaching, with bleach and water - 5:1
3. tie dying, 7:1, in between washed with soap and hot water

Am very excited (so I have said three times) and just want to get started . . .
by the by, have you got any questions about fedisa or about my third year?
Always nice to have a lil interaction :)

have a fantastic week, cause trouble and have fun, take pictures and remember - let yourself be inspired by different sources :)

{peace & love}


  1. are you going to use tie dye in your collection? would be interesting to see how you avoid the overusedness that has become of it :(
    but im sure you have unique ideas x
    love this blog, keep posting

  2. thank you
    yes, I have spaced the ties out, and created an unique pattern of circles in the denim, which is different from what I wanted originally, but I'm very happy with the out come.
    follow and keep commenting


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