Sunday, March 27, 2011

first tern down. finally.

wow. holidays already.
what a term.
over 35 briefs and assignments received and completed . . .

I have honestly not had the time to blog, which makes me sad really because I really used to enjoy it. But when I have finished a full day at college and worked at my homework for at least three hours a day - I really don't feel like pictures being taken of me . . . buttttt I have ten days of holiday in which to do my 9 storyboards, so hopefully I will find some time to do a what I'm wearing post.

now we start with our collections. storyboards being finished up and patterns being thought about. It's all a little scary.
don't have much energy at the moment . . . just recovery a small bout of flu, which knocked me back a little. Have to deal with this nonsense. grrrr

found this beeeeeautiful picture online, googgling my face off.
lovely lovely design, and better photography.
very excited because after creating my collection, I have to photograph it :) eeeek.
lank cool lank cool is not the word . . . superbly awesome :)

so. off to enjoy my last night of lying in front of the tv, before I have to return to reality of the collection. seriously, I have rewatched the full 10 seasons of friends. best show ever.

whaaaatttsupppp with yoooou?
please comment, tell me what's going on with you, your collections, your seasonal favourites your weather annnnything :(

{peace and love}

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