Saturday, April 9, 2011

groovies, alive .

B R E A T H   O F   F R E S H   A I R

I made it through the most gruelling two weeks of my student life. Never have I had so much work due for such a sort period of time, and due the first day of term . . . but post to follow on storyboards for {southern comfort} a graduate collection

I bought this shirt/mini dress a few weeks ago and I'm loving the pattern . . . I actually have another dress with a similar one. Definitely going to be throwing the patterns and colours in for winter. I Hate that dull haze everyone submits to in the cold months.

what I'm wearing

chiffon mini dress - new look
jeans - RE:Jeans, Woolworths
red leatherette bag - gift from parents
clear sunglasses - vintage, controlite
brown ruffle maryjanes - unreal
turquoise rings - wearhouse, wynberg
green stone ring - longbeach craft market

I just want to say something, because I can really.
childish moment to follow . . .

I don't like when people copy, at the best of times . . . but when it is something as important as a major aspect of my personal touches to my blog or collection heading/logo etc I get annoyed.
I might just 'TM' it . . . but for the good part of this year, especially fedisa graduate students - the parenthesis brackets, { curlicue } <-- these ones, are my 'touch' for this year. I know I don't 'own' them, but kindly, out of respect, stick to other forms of brackets, parenthesis forms and such.
some say 'flattery is a compliment, you should feel honoured.'
I say, think of your own bladdy ideas.
kthanxbye . . . actually that's so over used nowww, just a simple "Thanks a lot" will do :)

{peace and love}


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