Sunday, April 3, 2011

holidays. what holidays

S  U   M   M   E   R    I S   E   N   D   I   N  G

It's been a busy few days . . . and yes, as this is my only "holiday break" this year I should be resting but we cracked a deal with the lecturers and they shifted our storyboard assignments from the end on last term till the first day of next . . . thanks go out to Liz Stone and Ashleigh Dugdale, as well Robyn Le Sueur and all other compatriot  who were involved. Well done.

rugby . storyboards . friends . polanas . bakedacake . beautiful skies

loving not traveling to town, a 46 kilometer trip there . . . though battling to finish my work so that I can relax a little bit . . . hopefully do an outfit post soon, just have to get my ducks in a row.

I finally had time to photograph and update some of my past posts . . . go see the final work.

self portrait
bakery candy shop

Southern Comfort update . storyboards are fifty percent done, fabric for five garment are bought and waiting . need to tie dye me denim and sort out my order of business . gosh . let's go .

before I forget . . . I'd like to send out a loving belated birthday to my 16 year old sister Jess and a fantastic 21st to Melissa King my darling fellow fedoll, today :)

{ peace && love }

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  1. And what a summer it has been, especially our fantastic days spent out in the sun, evenings at the Bell or Polana, always a night to remember :) and the best part of all except for spending time with my bestie, thats you Jen :), is watching Jen's collection come together into the most magnificent, elegant, beautiful, graceful outfits. Well done! I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished and can not wait until we see all the items finished and on the runway! <3 <3 <3 loves ALWAYS


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