Monday, April 25, 2011

life as I know it

it's been a long ten weeks since I started my graduate collection . . .
I am currently working on my first garment, the high wasited jeans of Breaking Baracades.
Paneled from hip to hem, each panel is topstitched in a different direction . . . so after as week of pattern drafting and sewing, I am about to strat putting together the jeans. Just with all the Easter related public holidays . . . haven't been able to get to a fabric store . . . so forced to have a break

and this is a picture gallery of a fashion student. sorry about the quality of the pictures, they are taken on my blackberry

my work desk/our 10 seater dining room table has been full for a week already. though had to clean up for easter Saturday/Sunday dinner. The picures of the storyboards and the little paper dolls are my graduate collection boards, which I got a mere 61 % for . . . really?? what do you think? fair? Class average was 45 % . . . something is wrong. I have bleached and tie-dyed my denim for two pieces so far, and the light blue is for Breaking Baracades. I'm working hard, but often doesn't seem to pay off . . .

{peace and love}


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