Thursday, June 23, 2011

a sneaky cuppa

was able to finish up my intern stuff early this morning and this afternoon . . . so I found a few moments to have a cuppa with my mommy :) Knead Bakery in Muizenberg . . . in this weather? what better place.

Intern day 3 . . . more calls to make . . . but no coffee runs, which is awesome. Best Intern position ever. Made such a good choice . . . could think of nothing worse than running up and down getting coffee for people when they can get it themselves . . . being a Personal Assistant is so much better. We order coffee ;)

intern with a kick.

well, go read Vintage Lifestyle Magazine, Issue 4, and be inspired by that photoshoot . . . let me know what you think.

have a lovely day . . . sunshine, rain, hail, sleet, snow, hormonal pregnant women :) be bold, make good choices . . .chat later ;)
it's a beautiful day

w h a t   I ' m   w e a r i n g

pinstripe dress - vintage designer, french
leatherette jacket - Identity
ankle boots - Shoe HQ
pendant necklace - mythology
turquoise rings - gift from love, Longbeach Craft Market
love rope ring - gift, Diva
school socks - AP Jones, Fish Hoek Main Road
black woolen stockings - woolworths
perfume - gorgeous

{peace and love}

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