Thursday, June 2, 2011

winter has made it's way to us

thought it had forgotten us down here. but, alas, it has arrived. and with a kick too.

college has kept me so busy, I haven't found much tome to actually write. I miss it. My days go by with me continuously thinking about postings and statuses for facebook, and how I can tweet my way through the days.

lets recap this year so far . . .
fedisa is insane, so much of hard work . so little time
basic wrap up of the past four months.

I will be doing my twenty one day internship at Vintage Lifestyle Magazine
which I am very excited about . . . will be being published, involved and will see all that happens in a magazine, just an online version. this will be during my June/July holiday

at the same time, I will have to make my forth outfit for {s o u t h e r n   c o m f o r t}

the whole collection thing is hard . working for thirty seven hours without a wink of sleep isn't fun, and then add the stress of six deadlines to that lack of sleep, and then the occasional attack of hunger . . . third year is no joyride. student life, pfffft.

today I had time to put together my first outfit post in a while . . . just another student outfit . . .

what I'm wearing

leatherette bomber - identity
cabel knit jersey - hand me down
blue pinstrip camisole - pick n pay
satin leggings, leopard print scarf - woolworths
legwarmers - gift
brown amber ring - gift from my mommy
turquoise round ring, turquiose stone bracelet - gift from my love
pendant necklace - methology
pochahontas boots - china town market

okay, lets talk why I'm wearing what I am . . . stripes . spots. because I want to :) Because I can.

don't be afraid of mixing your prints. prints are going to be hot this season, but don't bore the world with your impersonal style - dress for yourself, and dress because you want to. stop reading through other peoples blogs/websites and trend forecasts - be inspired by what you see on the street, be inspired by the world around you. take pictures, fill your mind with beautiful places, beautiful people and eat beautiful food.

that's the most important tip for winter - forget looking skinny, thin, slim and whatever other task you set for your body. eat what you want. It's only for three more months anyway.
we have fat days. as feminine forms, it's only natural.
my mommy always reminds me . . .
"you may be having a fat day, but to the rest of the world you look exactly the same as you did yesterday"

{peace and love, peace and love}


  1. Ah, love your mom's fat day saying!
    Also, that scarf is amazing <3 x

  2. she makes me feel better :)
    thank you for always showing the love, my darling Chelsea :) love your comments too :)
    comment more often, they make me smile.


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