Sunday, June 26, 2011

the old biscuit mill adventure

a family weekend was what we all needed . . . and most of my family hadn't been to the mill before :) I have heard such amazing reviews on it, I thought great. was really excited, so up and early, ready to go . . . pity we have a teenager to get ready too . . . so, averagely early start.

bit of a dodge area though, middle of Woodstock, and the cream of the crop roaming the streets of Cape Town. But due to Dads' superior parking skills, we found a parking close enough to the gate.
 entering, my breath was taken away. so exciting, a new place, nobody I recognised and with the family all together, Saturday outing . . .

I do love my dear family so . . . thank you all for the lovely weekend together <3

you wanna be an old bisciut too? click here and go have a look through their facebook page :)

what I'm wearing

leatherette jacket - identity
patterned chiffon dress - new look
ankle boots - Shoe HQ
Turtle shell shrug - gift, China Town
leggings - woolworths
bag - W Studio, Woolworths
school grey socks - AP Jones, Fish Hoek Main Road
flower in hair - pick n pay

{peace and love}


  1. AH love the biscuit mill!!
    Cant wait to go back, great pics!!


  2. Fantastic blog honey! really interesting to read and i adore your images xx

  3. Mel:thank you . . .
    I had a lovely day with the family.

  4. Kerry: Thank you so much. Keep reading, I love the comments from all around the world.
    I enjoy playing around with photography, and don't edit my pictures :)


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