Wednesday, January 12, 2011

angry cloud

Okay, so maybe the wind has a few advantages to it . . .
Makes for pretty photo's and brings in HUGE bad ASS clouds!
I was so inspired by the sky . . . I jumped up for the photo op. Hoping to do a bigger shoot with my lovely boyfriend, Courtney, tomorrow. Trying to get a man to take pictures is very difficult.
This is the head piece I had to made for the J&B Met competition, annnnd made friends with left over flowy chiffon from my PROJECT BALL GOWN dress . . . though it was over my shorts and vest . . . but kinda works?

more on this later, maybe a full shoot ;)

please comment if you're reading this, I'm feeling a give away very soon. . . maybe an interview . . . if you want to feature here, lemme know . . . might be cool to do a blog swap.
 . . . annnnd if you are reading this and you are from an Arabic counrty and invited me on BBM, PLEASE DO IT AGAIN! 2228F555!
That is all :)

Hope you're having a good week.
{peace and love}


  1. jenna that dress is absolutely STUNning!
    you made it?
    very impressed... waiting to see my mad photgraphic skills here soon...
    keep writing
    much love
    kaela xxx

  2. Kaela, it's not a dress - it's just a piece of chiffon I had left OVER from a dress I made . . . I was just having fun in the wind
    Thanks for reading
    x jenna

  3. haha shows you how subjective fashion really is.

  4. true :)
    please follow and carry on reading x


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