Thursday, January 27, 2011

real paint, real me

hello there. Yes, I know . . . long time riiiight?

uhm, busy designing a graduate collection here :) So . . . we at fedisa, have started our third and final year of university. I am so very excited and have fantastic ideas . . . just having a lot of work, and only getting home late in the evening - no time for blogging. makes me sad. This week was busy . . . at least six or so briefs, and a LOT of work. It also causes a lot of stress, and then panicked dressing - so today I took some time to put together a fashionable outfit.

what I'm wearing
Let me tell you a little bit about my clothing. My button-through shirt is a St Michael, and was bought by my gran on one of her many trips to the United Kingdom. The straight cut jeans, River Trade, I'm wearing are splattered with paint from when my mom was painting a back drop for a ballet, The Wizard of Oz, many years ago. They are originals, not designer made or computer printed. They even have the 'OZ' on the back pocket. Original. My stunning wedges were a Christmas present from my boyfriend (Mr Price) and my bag . . . the most perfect hang bad ever, I searched and searched for the perfect brown, leatherette, long strapped and double handled. I went to Aldo, Nine West, Mr Price, Callaghan, every where and the very last store I went into, after not even wanting to - Woolworths. So after willing to spend as much as necessary, I ended up by from the 'cheap place' because they had the desired object - not because I'm cheap or looking for a 'knock-off' or any of the horrible things people say.
Tah-daaa :)

have a fantastic week, and see you after the J&B and mothers birthday party . . . long weekend
{peace and love}


  1. As a fashion designer, would you feel right using fur? We all know what terrible cruelty those animals endure in those fur farms.

  2. Joanne, as a designer, now-a-days I feel that it's unnecessary to use real animal fur when you have access to synthetic means. As a vegetarian, I don't think it's necessary to kill animals for fashion, or infact, for anything.
    Though, on the other side, I hate to say, not every single 'fur-farm' is cruel to their animals - as if the animal is stressed the pelt won't be as good a quality as the well fed, well groomed animal.
    Where are you from?

  3. I agree with you on the part where it's unnecessary to use animals as I am also vegetarian almost vegan. The fur farms keep the animals in cages their whole lives. Would you like to be in a cage? They also kill them in a painful way to make the fur stand on end. Glad there are decent designers out there like you.


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