Monday, January 24, 2011

meeting new people

Just a little interview

When you become a blogger, you read blogs. I found that since I started writing in August, I have discovered a lot about the people whos' blogs I read. I have decided I want to get to know some of the writers behind these blogs a little more. So first on my list is a penpal friend, Louise Mohr. She has an amazing blog, which I read everyday. Only having started blogging in July, Louise has written 178 posts and has 202 follwers. Definately worth a good read, but trust me - don't start unless you have a few hours to kill.

lets talk you

who are you, as a person, as a blogger?

I’m Louise! I’m an avid reader, singer, coffee-drinker, fashion obsessor, prankster, watcher of good and bad television, lover of animals, baker of brownies, wife to Darin, mother to Rowena, thrifter, laugher, and classic film advocate.  I recently moved from the metropolis of Portland to a wee Bavarian village in the valley.  I recently finished a 5-year stint at Gap, but now I am a mostly-stay-at-home-mom with a morning part-time job at a local youth center.

where are you from, where are you now?
I live in a little village called Mount Angel.  It's a small Bavarian town nestled in the foothills of Oregon's Willamette Valley.  I love it here!
favourite designer or celebrity, and why?
Of course, Zooey Zeschanel is utterly amazing!  But, Ginger Rogers wins in my book!

favourite piece of clothing? bought or thrifted?
  My leather owl purse is my favorite thing in my closet!  I received the purse from my husband for Christmas.  I named him 'Ernest'.

lets talk blog

what is the name of your blog, and why did you name it this?
The name of my blog is "Coffee & a Cardigan."  I wanted my blog to have a warm and comfortable name that one wants to come back to.

what do you blog about?
I take pictures of what I wear five days a week, and you'll also find a smattering of silly stories, recipes, and music.

who is your most influential blogger (the blogger you most look up to)?
I think that Lulu Letty does a wonderful job of connecting to her readers, and she definitely knows her style!

what are you hoping to achieve through your blogging?
I am extremely passionate about promoting a healthy body image.  Through my blog, I hope that I can help other women feel more comfortable in their own skin.  I am a size ten, I am a mother; these factors don’t hinder my style. Rather, they enhance it.  I am actually more confident now than I was at a pre-baby size six!  I want my readers to love their bodies too.

do you ever look at other peoples blog and think theres' is better?
Oh, yes, all the time!  There will always be someone 'better.' I've accepted and embraced that fact!

 (all the pictures are taken direcly from her blog)

Thank you sooo much, darling Louise, for giving up the time :)
SO Comment, Croquislife readers, what do you think about the interview idea? Want your turn? :P
{peace and love}

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