Saturday, January 22, 2011

j&&b, test run

Cavendish Square hosts the J&B Met fedisa Most Elegant Couple

after an eleven week holiday, that's ELEVEN weeks of freedom and sleep, we had our runway show, showcasing the talent of last years Second Years, that's this years Third Years. So basically we had to style our
P R O J E C T   B A L L   G O W N S, adding a male part and accessories . . .
Easy, yes, just time consuming.

This is Tarryn, and she, surprisingly enough fitted into my custom made, corseted ball gown - beautifully.

well, this was today :)

With a nightmare today, that only I can conjure up, I managed to get two fully clothed people out on the runway on time. My male model on arrived back for holiday this morning, with the fitting being yesterday. So I started today with an outfit that hadn't been fitted, no male shoes and no write-up for the dresser, I was running late and because of the running late, the male issue and the heat, it was just getting worse and worse. So arriving 45 minutes late, everything was there - male model included and it ended up being a very enjoyable day. I didn't place in the top Three, but that's not all bad - just means that I get to go to the Met in my outfit ;)

With my dearest sitting with me watching the show, we had fun :)

I even dragged my darling manfriend through Cavendish Square and found myself a lovely bag :) post on that later

And I promise, no more posts on this damn dress, PROJECT BALL GOWN is done and dusted. That was second year . . . we are heading into a new year, new classroom, last ten months of university. Can you believe it?

what I'm wearing
gypsy mini dress - project, mr price
brown glads - mr price
brown leatherette sling bag - studio w, woolworths

{peace and love}


  1. I was clearly hiding from the camera, and yet you still posted it?


    "We" did have "fun" =)

    (Btw: "...and she, surprisingly enough fat* into my..." h3h3!)

  2. Yip, you should have just let me take a nice one :)
    calling me fat? :D?

  3. I love your blog! that dress is gorgeous, what a cool event! :)

    xoxo following!

  4. i ADORE your glads Jen!
    On my wishlist for sure :)

  5. Looks like a fantastic event Jen...Sory I could not be there.....Wll did an outstanding very proud of you

  6. Wow! That dress is BEAUTIFUL. You are so talented, Jenna!

  7. Then there is the issue of the horses. They are pumped full of steroids to make them faster (they have ways to avoid detection), and then when their racing careers are over they become those cart horses you see in Epping or go straight to the butcher to be slaughtered. It is cruel.

  8. Joanne - uhm, okay. Is this fact or just opinion? Because race horses have execellent lives?

  9. It is true, the race horses are well looked after-while they are racing. And winning. The older ones and those who can't cut it, and there are thousands of them, are sent off to farms and riding schools and become cart horses or are sent to the abattoirs- horse meat. It's true, facts you will find if you look into it. It's an industry devoted to one thing- cash. For each horse you see at the races, a thousand did not make it. Who cares about those horses? Go look at the SPCA, and the cart horse association. Or go out to the outskirts of society and you will discover the truth. Your designs are beautiful and you are talented, but think about what you are supporting.

  10. Jenna, here is a link for you to read up on the horse-racing industry:

  11. Joanna, the link is forbidden?
    But I do agree that there may be a chance that after their PRIME their treatment my lower slightly, though I don't see why the owners would do that. Surely they would get a lot of money for an ex-race horse? Being a pedigree and all?
    Though Joanna, I don't know a lot about the subject but I am willing to read anything you have . . . sooo email me some links ( and we can carry on the chat there :)


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