Friday, July 1, 2011

Ooh Daddy Cool .

C A P E   T O W N   B L O G G E R S  M E E T   U P

last night I attended my first ever Bloggers event. Very exciting and scary, because putting names to blog avitars and twitter handles is a reality check.  Hosted by Being Brazen and Betty Bake at the Grand Daddy Hotel in the Daddy Cool Lounge.
Twitter handles unite . blackberries in every hand

I went with Vintage Lifestyle Magazine, as a part of my internship . . . Tough life hey :)
 It was super cool to be introduced as The Intern :)

I met some blogging GIANTS . . . Jasna of Fashion Jazz, Janine of Being Brazen and Bobby of Bobbylicious, amoung others.

Miss Nicole and I

Ewald of Ewaldpool, Dom of Princess Dom, Nicole of Diamonds and Dust, Editor of Vintage Lifestyle Magazine, and Jasna of FashionJazz

Miss Nicole of Vintage Lifestyle Magazine and Jasna of FashionJazz

I had a lovely evening. Thank you to all who were involved.

what I'm wearing

dress top - kelso, Edgars
furry gilet waistcoat - Cherokee
leggings - Jenna Maree-Kipling
thigh high boots - Mr Price

{peace and love}


  1. Oh my, thanks for that AMAZING compliment but I'm still a little pea of a blog ;) Great shot of the cupcakes you took there! Man, I could eat those things for breakfast, lunch and dinner! x


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