Wednesday, November 3, 2010

amazing followers

hello my lovelys :)

This whole year I have been wanting to write this blog and when I finally had the time I was over joyed. And as my 2nd year comes to a close, I will be showcasing and testing my collection next year so i need a bigger following. I would love to advertise other blogs or even test out products?
if you've made something, or have bought something new, I will take some photo's and broadcast :)
Contact me, I'm easy to get hold of :)
Please tell your friends about me :)

okay, so I have only
15 official followers,
though I was quite amazed when I looked through my 'stat's page . . .

 actual views as of this moment:
1 8 8 2
in three months
(that's just the people who have actually tped in my address, the rest we google image searches)

countries and their number of views:

(home country) South Africa: 881
United States of America: 352
United Kingdom: 203
New Zealand: 43
Australia: 40
Canada: 34
Germany: 31
Russia: 16
Japan: 15
Netherlands: 12
France: 11
Italy: 10
India: 10
Indonesia: 8
Vietnam: 7
Tibet: 6
Slovenia: 4
Bermuda: 2
Croatia: 2

well, all I really wanted to say was thank you and keep reading. please 'offically follow' and help me become semi-famous. I want to make something of this, rather than it just be my mindless rambles.

So, carry on reading, comment much more and follow me. Show support, add me to blog rolls and advertise for me. Spread the love and help me on my quest.

(believe, sanskrit)
लव एंड पास
(love and peace, turkish)


  1. Wow! you have loads of views from all over the world! How coooool! -I love the blog and can't wait to see some of your projects from your second year, you have a natural talent with fashion and beauty!

  2. thank you so much :)
    I really am so suprised by all the views and comments :)
    Follow, read, comment and show some love :)

    jenna x

  3. Congrats, I just come across your blog and the last one was a really cute picture

  4. thank you, it's mee :) a long long time ago.
    please officially follow :)
    keep read, I hope you enjoy :)
    jenna x


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