Wednesday, November 24, 2010

runway show just in

T R I B U T E   T O   M c Q U E E N

the professional photographs from
t h e   f e d i s a   g r a d u a t e   c o l l e c t i o n   f a s h i o n   s h o w 
which was last week, where put up on facebook yesterday and I was so excited . . .
until I saw my picture . . .

here are the problems, right.

1) those aren't my shoes - mine were platform grated sling backs, with blue ribbons and safety pins.
2) I have hand made fabric, studded ankle straps that cover the foot in chains?
3)the chaining on the front is COMPLETELY wrong!

my best aspect of this is - I left a fully diagrammed sheet of instructions on the front of the bag.
Can someone be so stupid? Or not care THAT much?
completely ruined everything about my OUTFIT and ruined my night, though I only noticed the chaining on the front on the stage. BUT NOW I'M FURIOUS!

so upset.

the only good thing about this is I know who the dresser that screwed up is :)


  1. Wow! Until I read your rant I thought the model looked amazing and would have been so proud if it were mine. I think you are perhaps being a little precious. No one, but you could have known it was all so "wrong". I really hope it didn't spoil your night. Think about how lucky you are to have had exposure like that. Thousands of hopeful designers would give anything to be in your shoes - even if they are the wrong pair.

  2. "I think you are perhaps being a little precious" is quiet harsh, don't you think?
    Regardless of how nice she may 'look' , it wasn't my design, thus upsetting me for wasting all my time making things that weren't going to be used?
    What makes a designer special, a cut above others, is details and attention to them, so by not adding something as simple as the correct shoe or accessory, it destroys the aesthetic level I, as a designer and artist, was trying to achieve. Any seamstress can make a denim dress and jacket . . . I'm not a seamstress.

  3. It's a very interesting design for a McQueen tribute. What was your inspiration and thought process? I'm very curious to know.

  4. Hi Matt :)
    Well, I did a few posts along the way and am going to photograph my croquis book soon so you can see my full thought process :)

    :) follow, comment some more and enjoy :)

  5. omg I saw this on the runway and my friends and I pegged it as our favourite. Had no idea anything wasn't as it seemed! i can understand why you would be upset though, As a first year, i even felt guilty about leaving my garment with other first year's hands :/
    but seriously, it's beautiful. This item was a fave <3

  6. thank you nicci :)
    and thanks for understanding, I know that I was right to be upset :)

  7. I am so sorry that your vision wasn't executed! That really sucks. I liked the edge that your version had so much better. You are so talented!

  8. That sucks! At least you get to show us on your blog how it was supposed to be.

  9. I had no idea the dress was yours and it was seriously my favorite. Well done! Babe, I keep trying to change your blog address and it keeps reverting back to your original, there's some glitch with blogger. Think I'll have to edit the html. xoxo

  10. There's no option to change the html for blogrolls, somehow your old RSS feed is connected to this one so it keeps going back to the original :/

  11. it looks amazing to me! and love the socks and heels. nice touch.

    thanks for your lovely comment, it made me smile, i am also floraly obsessed, i may have a problem :)

    can we follow each other?



  12. thanks for the comments every one :)

    Sheri, maybe delete the old one and create a new link?

    Becky-May, don't ask, just follow - I'm already a regular at your page and you're on my daily reading list :) Blog love, my friend :)

    x j


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