Monday, November 8, 2010

ballet story

soo, you may of noticed a spelling change of my blog title - croque, as written on my college assignment briefs, was incorrectly spelt. That word is the prefix of a meal . . . 

The correct spelling of the word is
c r o q u i s
pronounced the same as before, crow-kee, kRaw-kee 
which is the name of the big, black scrap idea book we use at fashion school, to illustrate how we arrived at our designs.
I am very embarrassed, as spelling is not my strongest point, at the best of time.
Sorry :)

So, on Thursday evening
I was off to the ballet with my mom and sister.
It's one of my mom's friends ballet school, the debbie lindup school of ballet's production
A Christmas Story
and I felt like dressing pretty :)

what I'm wearing

pinkish floral brocade dress - Insinc, Mr Price, vintage
crocheted waist coat - from my granny, vintage :)
shinny leggings - Woolworths
thigh high black boots - Mr Price
gold charm bracelet - foshini's
gold beaded bracelet - Marie Claire

jess is wearing

faded denim jeans - meltz
faded red cami - cherokee
black silk bazor - Project at Mr Price, mine :)
gold pumps - mr price
orange head band - foshini

I really should be doing my homework but we have one more day of college, and I can't focus on anything . . . ahhh, I need to do my work :P


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