Monday, November 22, 2010

time for a change

okay, so after 3 months, I have decided to change the URL of my blog
possibly making it easier to find, or something, but the Jenna Maree-Kipling wasn't doing it for me, it had no link.
So, as of this moment this blog is:

I will be doing more What I'm wearing posts soon, just had a busy weekend at the deli.
I also want to photograph my college year's work and do a post on that, as well as add pictures of my croquis book to the relevant ready done posts :)
Should be getting our fedisa year results soon,.I'm nervous, to be honest.

I have been watching Gossip Girl lately, desperately trying to finish it all.
Have finished up to Season 3, starting S4 . . . wow, what a turn, although sometimes not very believable that life could really happen like that, yet we still watch it ;)

I have always loved Serena, but not just Serena, I like Blake Lively. See was in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (lovely movie, watch it) 
She always looks good, though sometimes it\s a little awkward.

you know you love her

p.s. I think I know who gossip girl is ;)


  1. I love Blake Lively! She is so goshdarn beautiful. You gotta tell me-- who do you think Gossip Girl is?!?

  2. I love Serena to, she's gorgeous! Her style is amazing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! So who is Gossip Girl????? :p


  3. :) hehe, watch yourself, and find out, though I might be wrong because it's a little obvious :(

    x j


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