Friday, August 12, 2011

food . fashion . styling

t h e   f e d i s a   c o o k b o o k 

for the past three weeks, things have been CRAZY! workload in over drive and working hard to get everything done . . . six projects at once and no of them coming together well enough . . . 

The cookbook was our first look at food styling and using unconventional elements for fashion. The problem was not creating garments out of food, the problem was using food that you could make garments out of. We had three weeks to create a cover and a starter meal, 1 page each and then next cycle of three weeks we have to do a double spread of a main course and a dessert. 

after a lot of research, chopping and changing, pun intended, I ended up using pasta. I felt that I could trick it and mold it into pretty much any form I wished. Which in the long run, would make for hot pictures. 

My model was the lovely Emily George, an old family friend, who gave up her Sunday for me. Thanks deary.

I styled the fashions && took these picture myself, only having to edit them slightly using photoshop. . . 

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