Wednesday, August 17, 2011

meeting new people

j u s t   a   l i t t l e   i n t e r v i e w   w i t h   K o b u s

I have been trying for a while to get these interviews rolling, but with college and such taking over, It's hard to sneak in sometime to spread the love about who I have unearthed.

Was meant to be the beginning of Rapid Fire, but this gent was just to interesting to only weasel short answers out of him.

Kobus Snyman .

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Jacobus Snyman and I'm a photographer.

Favourite part of what you do?

The favourite part of what I do is to create an idea. Sometimes its a mirror, for the viewer to put themselves in relation to the subject and in some cases its a window, where the viewer gain insight into the subject's being/life/-style/character. For the ones who look close enough, photography not only comments on the subject, but also on the photographer and its this dynamic that I thrive on - how much is the subject and how much is the photographer?

Where's 'hometown'?

I'm from a small town called Prince Albert. Its in the Karoo, located at the foot of the Zwartberg mountains

Lifestyle/Fashion Icon?

the photographer Mariano Vivanco does my head in. I wish I had his eyes and Mc Queen's rock star lifestyle. Give me another 10 years - I'm going to be raging :)


Definitely ipod.

What's your favourite artwork/picture and why?

Pieter Hugo did an exhibition in New York a few years ago about men and hyenas from Lagos.

This image captivated me. The man in the photo looks strong, confident and masculine - to me the low angle makes him look important, even royal, like an African king, however his immediate surroundings shows that he is poor and pretty much only owns the shoes on his feet. I love how the photographer managed to capture this contradiction.

Why photography/image styling?

This is how my brain works, this is how I think, how I process, who I am. I think in pictures.  

Words of wisdom for those to follow?

Words of wisdom? Just do it. Jump!

What next in life?

Ha! I'm 25 and it feels as if it hasn't even started yet. To me it feels as if I'm not even on the board yet. I'm still just on the outskirts, observing the game and taking notes ;)
twitter: @thatjacobus

thoughts on summer by Jacobus Snyman, 2010

these pictures where how I found out about Kobus, hot hot hot work! I love his styling prcision, with the help of some people, and fluidity of the photographs. They work as single shots and as a series. he has lots lots more, but I'll leave some for you to discover on your own. Just remember you saw him here, first ;)
ya digging it?

{peace and love}

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