Monday, August 1, 2011

pretty in my days

College is crippling.
working all hours of the day and night. then there's the traffic in Cape Town . 
fun day today. no jokes about traffic, it's not funny.

so. what's new. have been waiting with baited breath for the Vintage Lifestyle Magazine, Issue 5 comes out . . . so excited to see all the hard work we put in . . . 4 days left. AND then, this weekend, a full detailed post on my internship . . . hope you're excited ;)

Have been so busy with college work, collection is coming together well, with my fifth outfit almost finished to be handed in on Friday.

a lot of happenings going down on Friday . . . cause it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on on Friday . . . That's a silly song.

just some pictures of the week . . . the roses around the house, my lil dogs, miniature biscuits, pretty butterfly, sewing, the unreleased Truffle King Cone Ice Cream, delicious! . . . you know, the general.

ONLY 3 months left at fedisa. quiet a scary thought. need a job next year?! AHH! what to do?

have a lovely week, please comment or just say hey, what's up, howzit, just so I know you're liking life . . . send me blog links, want to do an interview? Rapid Fire with Jocobus Snyman, a very very impressive photographer . . .

{peace and love}

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  1. Ur pics are stunning hun! : ) Thank u for entering the competition, I have already chosen a winner randomly last week, but thanks again : ) Hope you are having a lovely wk xx


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