Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tough week? bring it.

t h i s   a r t   t h e   e n d 

don't want to chat, just want to blog.
such a long week . . .  already and it's Tuesday. sneaking away ten minutes from my assignments to sneakily sneak in a outfit post. Stressign about next year and what's going to happen . . . but just want my Graduate Collection to pull together now. One more outfit, and a couture wedding dress to go, then DONE!

The very last ART week ever at fedisa.
Being a Third Year is pretty intense, but it's almost over now. BUT I'm in a bad mood because all the work is coming thick and fast, and I feel that nothing is getting finished.

tough week . tough people . feeling a bit hurt by 'friends' but looking forward to a very special group of Triplets 21st birthday event on Sunday. Glad to have some true friends surrounding me that make me happy with just a cup of filter coffee with foam :)
Thank for the love, okes.

what I'm wearing

denims - RE:Jeans, Woolworths (DIY Distressed over the years)
Floral patterned shirt - Mr Price
Black Satin Blazer - Mr Price
Leopard print heels - Luella
peacock feather necklace - Diva

{ peace && love }

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