Friday, August 5, 2011

my vintage lifestyle experience

A  L I T T L E   B I T   O F   V I N T A G E

I would never have thought that thirty days would have made such a big impact in my life. This internship has changed my outlook on the future, and opened my eyes to a broad spectrum of industry that I have not explore yet.

I was given many tasks throughout my thirty days. These tasks included researching a topic and writing an article, creating a skirt pattern and sewing it, selling advertising and attending meetings with designers and store owners. I was lucky enough to attend a bloggers event as The Intern, as well as The AFI Foschini FastTrack Day at Fashion Week.

Because I was given the full month to complete my internship, I had time to complete blog posts on the events and meetings. I had to learn to keep certain pieces of knowledge a secret, as any sharing of information could lead to a cancelation of all the work we had put in already.

I enjoyed sitting in on the meeting with the designer that was donating clothing for the photography shoot.
My favourite part of my time at Vintage Lifestyle was being the broad spectrum assistant on the set of the fashion shoot on location. I had not yet been on location of an official magazine editorial photography shoot, with a full team of a photographer, make-up artist and a hair stylist. I enjoyed the styling and watching the shots take place. The photography shoot is kept simple, and down to basic beauty and talent. There are no smoke and mirrors, no reflectors, light shields or flashes, because “that’s just not vintage”.

I loved that, although the magazine has a large target market, the team was young and updated. I felt that this was a leading factor in the Magazine’s success. There were many people involved in making my time at Vintage Lifestyle Magazine a learning experience, full of knowledge in many fields of the industry.

I blogged a lot during my time at VL, so here are the links:
so, thank you Miss Nicole :) I had a fantastic 28 days, and have learnt valuable life lessons as well as the important fashion and editorial things . . .

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