Wednesday, July 13, 2011

fashion week is upon us

f i n a l l y .
I am so excited for tonight as it is the start of My Cape Town Fashion Week experience so I put together SO MANY OUTFITS but in the end chose this one, because it suddenly got chilly and the whole pencil skirt and wedges wasn't going to work out if I had to walk for six hours.

a certain fashion house, and more than likely, the AFI seems to have an issue with letting everyone know exact times of what's going to happen . . . so I was all dressed up, ready to go to be at the venue at 1pm, and I get a message from my editor saying that it has all gone haywire and been shifted to 7 . hello

I was sick of sitting at home, waiting for better things to come along, and avoiding my college work as usual - I took my sister, Jess, to the Noordehoek Common to go make friends with the horses - but they were far away, and belong to other people .

More on the fashion Week later, and more than likely more pictures of the same outfit, so don't get sick of it okaaaay :)

what I'm wearing
pirate bishopsleeve shirt - savage, vintage
denim shorts cut off - woolworths
woolen stockings - woolworths
ribbon lace up black brogues - Shoe HQ

what Jess's wearing
green floral shirt, multicoloured boobtube - Meltz
lace under shirt - Jay Jays
leggings, lattice fedora - China Town
sling back stiletto - Mr Price

{peace && love}

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