Thursday, July 7, 2011

peacock feathers and grey sky wishes

winter has forgotten us down south . . . for now, Cape Town is still bright and sunny. Though the nights are bitterly cold, and bone chilling . . . but this dry weather makes for good fashion.

I have created a lookbook account thing - can go follow and stuff.
my profile is in the side bar or you could click here :)

not toooo sure how that whole thing goes and works, so just going to have to see how it plays out . . . but there are a whole lot of rules you have to stick to . . . so I'm trying my hand at the whole collage: blog style . . . did it work?

what I'm wearing

grey woollen poncho, denim shorts, black stockings - woolworths
chiffon floral tunic - mr price
black ankle boots - shoe city
peacock feather necklace, green beaded necklace - diva

sproosing up the blog, once again . . .

{peace and love}


  1. amazing outfit!!! you look awesome :)

  2. thank you :) you can hype it on look book too
    See directly right of this comment :)

  3. You nailed the blog/outfit/collage! I spruce mine up all the time. It's a terrible habit of mine, always change my mind!


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