Thursday, July 7, 2011

internship of the vintage lifestyle

i n t e r n s h i p   a t   v i n t a g e   l i f e s t y l e   m a g a z i n e

today, I had back to back meetings. felt like a real business woman.

met at vida e caffe in cavendish . . . never been there before. so had to try the legendary lindt hot chocolate :) yum. though, didn't taste much different to any other dark hot chocolate I've had. the Knead Bakery one was better :)

First we met the designer that is sponsoring clothing for the magazines fashion spread, Ghadeejah Padiyachi. She took us to the store where she sells her clothing. It was really great to see so many young designers getting out there and selling their clothing, with a place to do so. More on her after the shoot though, don't want to give away anything . . .

I had such a lovely day . . . though sad to say, my internship will eventually come to an end . . .
I am having such fun learning about the lifestyle of a magazine editor . . . it's a good one to live, just lots of hard work, a lot of time spent waiting on other people and a lot of pressure to be perfect. I'm so excited to show you what I'm working on :) Magazine out 5th August.

{peace & love}

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