Friday, July 15, 2011

starlings cafe, in narnia .

if you are terrible with directions, get lost often and have a unreliable car - maybe skip this post and read some fluff piece about cupcakes.
my day started out averagely, and headed down hill - though got to a fairly beautiful point in the middle, plateauing till the sunset.

I got lost on the wrong side of the tracks, not having a clue where I was going, turned down the wrong oneway, up a slip road, my lil car was scared an didn't want to drive, an absolute nightmare.
but in the end, much to my heat stroke and irritation - I survived and arrived to my last internship get together on time :)

once we entered the house, I felt like I had been swept up into a story book and had landed in another time - classic antique pieces of furniture blended into a modern, up beat, homey feeling room . . . I can't really explain how this felt - it was like somebody turned a light on to resturants and there in the dark was sitting this box of fresh air . . 

a little far fetched, but give me some credit here - it was a long drive.

vintage brunch was hot ashrim tea, and a butternut, feta and caramalised onion tart with a salad of mint, rocket and radish with a sweet dressing. da - vine .

this gorgeous cafe, Starlings, is in lower Claremont area - 94 Belvidier Road . . . go and see for yourself . break fast . lunch . brunch . whatever

I cannot believe this month of my internship is almost over. a few more pieces to clean up and do the photoshoot on Sunday . . . and ta - dah. one more step to becoming a graduate fashion student. . . . can't wait to do my post on my time at Vintage Lifestyle Magazine

{peace && lunch}

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