Tuesday, July 12, 2011

vintage loving the sunshine

with holidays almost over, I'm feeling like I want to make ever day last a life time. I'm tired of sewing and creating garments - and I haven't even finished my holiday assignments . . . who gives projects during the only holiday we get all year (because the other two are taken up with work - fun hey) but then it's all done . . . five more months. holding thumbs that it all happens relatively quickly.

I have done my required amount of days for my internships, so this next week is chilled and laybacked - with Cape Town Fashion Week kicking off tomorrow and a few meetings on Thursday - but then comes the big boy - the fashion shoot on a location with a full team of professionals.

I cannot sleep I'm so excited for this week.

as one of my last days 'off' I decided to go have a scout around for blog shoot opportunities in Simons Town . . . but the town was packed with people and Naval Officers and what not . . . so found a pretty old wall instead.

what I'm wearing
flounce dress - Mr Price
wedges - gift, Mr Price
crochet waist coat - vintage
round sunglasses - 70's vintage
camel leather clutch - vintage
bambi pendant necklace - Diva
rings - longbeach craft market
latice hat - bleached from sun, Chinese store

okay so have to go find something to wear to FastTrack Foschini's Fashion Week tomorrow :)

{peace and love}

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