Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thrifting is fun

I went to s Charity Shop yesterday for the first time in this country yesterday. I was really surprised as I thought the stuff in there would be old and useless, although I was wrong. My sister, Jess, had told me about it a few days ago and I decided to have a look :)
Was interesting, clean and had a lot of choice variety, and really cheap. I mean, it was no Oxfam, but St Lukes was pretty cool.

I found this 1950's elasticated waisted floral shirt . . . I was loving it, so bought it and a shirt. Thrifting is fun.
Louise, of Coffee and a Cardigan is good at finding great things in these stores, and so I thought I'd try too :)

what I'm wearing

floral skirt - thrifted
brown leather belt - gran's wardrobe
ring - Warehouse, Wynberg
heart diamond necklace - from Court, American Swiss 2008 Collection


  1. that's soo pretty Jen! I also LOOOOOVE Thrift shopping! We have HUUUGE thrift stores over here and most of my clothing comes from there! It is such fun and I often come away with a gorjus skirt for like $1 (R5)..I recently found this Beautiful grey winter dress..$12!!

  2. Stunning photos, and you have such grace and poise.

  3. That is a lovely find! Where is St Lukes?

    Embracing Style

  4. St Lukes is where Muirs/ABC in Fish Hoek used to be, tucked away on the corner of Recreation Road and First Avenue.
    x j

  5. St Lukes is fun :)
    Got a cool nautical blazer from there...


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