Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Merry Christmas and all that jazz :) I had such a lovely day . . . although, with no blood family relatives, it was very different from Christmas' past. It was the first time my and my boyfriend, Courtney's, families have been together for a holiday event, with his dad just managing to miss the snow issue in London. We also had my parents best friends and thier four lil ladies & granny, and two of my dads' friends . . . making us 19 for Christmas Lunch . . . woah.

I had a great day, present wise :D
From my parents, and Father Christmas, I got a Nikon CoolPix L21 Camera. A 8 mega pixel pink point-and-shoot (which all of the pictures in this post are taken with)
and a Empisal Dressmaker 270D Sewing Machine (for home so that I don't have to transport my Bernina every time I have to sew something)
My sister bought me a beautiful summer-coloured, bright floral maxi dress,
 And from my darling Courtney, I got the most magnificient wooden style wedge sandals :D

petes' christmas shirt

Daniel, my Courtney and his mom

So after a lovely day of food, champagne and wine, we were all full, happy and tired. Cassie had had enough of the noise, so she took her present and went to sleep on the kitchen floor. Right where we were cleaning . . . Silly puppy.

What I'm wearing
Laced floral-printed chiffon dress - Foschini, pre-Christmas present from my mom
brown lattice pumps - Mr Price

Just a thank you to all who made the day so fantastic. What did you do on Christmas day?
{peace and love}


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  2. Thank you for visiting the "photosphera", our planet has a lot of interest in virtue of the different cultures.

    A wish for a delicious 2011

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